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November 6, 1998

WAF Member

The 1998 XIX WAF World Armsport Championship was a tremendous success in many ways. Not only did Canada have the privilege to play host to the many countries that attended but also great goals were set to assure the success of WAF to survive as the democratic organization it was meant to be.

An interim president and general secretary were elected democratically to assure that WAF and its members are properly represented and that they are allowed a voice in how WAF is run. The Congress nominated and elected myself as interim president and Willy Deneumostier of Belgium as interim General Secretary. We will hold office until the year 2000 elections at which time the membership will nominate and elect a new Board of Directors. Mr. Bob O’Leary and Mr. Barij Baran Das were replaced after their poor performance on behalf of a democratic WAF. Please see attached minutes and expulsion letters.

A committee was formed to re-write the WAF constitution. The mandate was set to have the draft ready for ratification at next year’s WAF world championship. The WAF Board of Directors forms the committee. Each continent may add whom they want to their committee so that we may have as much input as possible to formulate a true democratic constitution.

The first ever international referee clinic was held and what a success this was. This is something we want to have every year at the Worlds. It gave all the referees and coaches who took part, a new look at what our referees face. A very positive addition to the World agenda and a must to have to assure the success of our referees and drawsheet people.

The site for the 1999 XX WAF World championships is set for Japan. Mr. Mitsuo Endo handed out a preliminary agenda and venue information. More information will be sent out early in the New Year. Best of luck to Japan as it prepares to host a super World armwrestling tournament.

It was refreshing to have a Congress meeting where all countries were able to table their concerns and ideas. One of these ideas that was discussed at length is the reduction of weight classes in the right arm categories and the addition of two competitors in the left arm categories. Mr. Humberto Panzetti made a motion to have every country that wants to have some input to these changes to have their ideas, opinions and concerns sent to me by Sept. 30th/99. At this time Willy and I will compile everything together in a package to send out to all member countries. This will give everyone time to review the recommendations and we will all be able to make an informed decision at the 99 Worlds. Everyone supported the motion. Mr. Igor Akhmedshin gave us examples of how other sports had dropped categories to fit better into the Olympic program.

Some very positive changes were implemented in the rules. These changes, although not drastic, served to close off some gray areas and make them black and white. This helps to clarify these rulings so that all countries interpret them the same.

We are very happy with the changes made to WAF this year. It promises to be fun and fair once again. The bonus is that you, the membership are in control of WAF now. Have fun and until the next newsletter…….

Fred Roy

Circular # 001-11-98



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