The Fisher Family Story

Arm Wrestling. A sport everyone knows and many have tried. Some attempt the power surge for the last of the bottle and a ten spot, others for the trophy and sheer crowning joy of victory. It's a sport everyone knows. From kids in a classroom to television celebrities; everyone has heard of armwrestling.

This well-known sport however has not restricted itself to winning a bet between friends. It has developed into one of the most sought after sports by the adventurous and aggressive. The past quarter of a century has crowned armwrestling to be just that.

Two armwrestlers who have made their mark in this fast and furious sport are Allen and Carolyn Fisher. Dubbed an enigma by some this couple holds the title of only husband and wife World-Champion Armwrestling team.

Allen Fisher, Los Angeles native began his Armwrestling career in 1979 at a small tournament.  "I first got into Arm Wrestling in May of 1979.  I developed skill rather rapidly to work my way to the World Championships in December of 1979. Ernie Jeffrey encouraged me to pursue armwrestling because of my hand.  He said that I would become a world champion if I learned how to use my hand to my advantage.  He also helped me with other things such as speed technique and mental stamina."

That year, Allen placed 4th in the nationals. He met Jack Wynn who was at the time one of the best "pullers" in the nation and trained with him for a few months. After taking so many "beatings", Allen turned to Jack and said, I'm going to get you next time!  Three years later and 2 local championships recently won;  Allen made that promise come true.  At Petaluma, where the world-renowned World Championships event is held,  Allen climbed his way to the top. Year after year he took the title. 1980 NAWA Las Vegas, lst. World Champ. 1980 AWI Las Vegas Worlds lst Sept. WPAA Kansas Worlds lst. 1980 NAWA National Champ. 2nd Los Angeles. Allen continued to dominate the amateur division in his weight class. Because of this, he was asked by many of the Arm Wrestling Associations to move up into higher weight classes. 'To keep it fair'...1981 He won six titles in Reno, Canadian, American lst and 3rd. International championships lst. In Reno June 81, April 81 Baltimore Wash, National lst. Sept. 81 WPAA Kansas Worlds lst. July Pro arm sports Culver City, world lst and July 81 Herons Maryland Nationals lst. 1982 there were four tournaments that Allen attended.  Two Canadian-American tournaments in Reno in January and June where he took two first each time.  Later in September he placed first in the Petaluma Worlds and lst in Memphis, Tenn. WPAA tournament 1983 and 1984, Allen continued his long dominance of the sport. Following are a list of victories.

During the year of 1982, Allen met Carolyn Snow. Born in Canada, Carolyn came up from "nowhere" in the sport of Armwrestling. She first competed in a tournament in her hometown, then a larger neighbor city and finally - to the surprise of all - she won the Canadian Championships placing lst in left and right arm and lst in heavy weight left and right arm. Her fifth competition was the World's Championships in Petaluma in which she placed third. She returned to Petaluma a year later and placed 2nd  in the lightweight division match to Lori Cole.  1982 brought numerous victories all over Canada.

The following year invited a startling change to the female champion. Carolyn met Allen. They met in Petaluma in 1980 but had little if any conversation at all. Said Carolyn of Allen, "I thought he was nice but I wasn't interested in him in a serious way."

The following year, Allen and Carolyn now both Christians fell in love.  "I could see that there had been a remarkable and undeniable change in Allen. We had something in common, our Love for the Lord."  "I came down to Reno the following year with team Canada. It was amazing how I made it down to Reno. I had a 15-hr. bus ride across 2 provinces, hitchhiked 2 hours. With 5 different rides (I had never hitchhiked before) and missed my flight until the following day (the day of the tournament!) But God is merciful and his providence I made it down the Reno. (They held the women's class until I arrived.) Someone introduced me (again) to Allen and he showed me how to set up properly at the Armwrestling table and how to improve my technique. (In spite of winning many competitions in Canada, I was still ignorant of many professional Armwrestling moves.) What impressed me more than the many armwrestling titles he had was that Allen knew much about the Bible."  After Reno,  Allen returned to LA and Carolyn returned to Canada. They corresponded and used the telephone (albeit expensive) to nurture their relationship. For two years they used letters, telephones and Armwrestling tournaments to keep their relationship wedding bound.

Then in June of 1984, Carolyn moved down to San Diego and lived with an older lady friend working as a physical therapist aid and coaching gymnastics. They were married on May 24, 1985.

It was an unusual adjustment to make for the couple once they were married. Their first tournament as married was the National Championships held in Texas Mar. 29,1985. The two went undefeated in each of their classes. "It was a strange adjustment that we didn't expect." Carolyn commented later. "I didn't know if I was to be by his side, taking pictures and helping get his chalk or water or what because I was a competitor too. There were no other Armwrestling couples that we knew of to pattern ours after. Our careers in armwrestling were merging and we didn't know how to work that out."

The one big tournament during their early years of marriage was the Brut World Championships held in Las Vegas. This competition involved filming the movie "Over the Top" with Sylvester Stallion. The competition was over 20 hours long. This was even more intense a competition, with lights cameras and actors. Over 500 competitors from all over the world. Allen won lst place and Carolyn came in 4th. As their family grew from 2-4, traveling to tournaments was slowed to a minimum. Allen continued to train at home and invited men from work or others that he met that were interested in Armwrestling to train.   First two would show up then five then eight would show for the training session.  Few would attempt to challenge Allen's strength.  While keeping a low profile now,  Allen waited for the big tournament. When Yukon Jack qualifying tournament in Los Angeles came,  Allen seemed ready once again. Allen felt it coming back.  "You have to have it in your blood" he said to an interviewer.  After winning the qualifier, it was off to San Francisco for the purse and the title.  The match between Allen and Dave Patton was momentous.  The   armwrestlers knew it.  "This is it, it doesn't get much better than this," someone said.  The people who knew what kind of caliber had turned out for the tournaments were beside themselves with anticipation. The people who happened to be walking by enjoying a bit of San Francisco couldn't believe that an armwrestling match could generate this kind of cacophony.  The dock at pier 39 seemed to vibrate with the cheering.  In 35 second it was over.  Allen had defeated the champion.  From a small beginning he defeated a 33-time world champion that for years dominated the lightweight division of the armwrestling circuit.   The cheering could be heard to Alcatraz.  It's one thing to become a champion, its quite another to remain one. After the tournament, there was the usual congratulations, shaking of heads and sharing of reactions.  But the shindig was not complete until someone got out the table and the grudge matches began.  Get Allen to the table and let me have a crack an em' you could hear.  If there wasn't going to be any official table allowed then there was going to be one made.  While foes at the table during the tournament, all are friends afterward.   The details all gone over, excuses made, some sharing their surprise others expressing their foreknowledge of the outcome.

Carolyn owes much of her present success to Allen. "I am sometimes pushed beyond the limit of mind and body" she recalls. "But I'm always thankful beyond words when I win a tournament".

An annual tournament held at Lake Tahoe in June of 97 was a very well run and professional tournament. Allen and Carolyn both hold high regard for Denise Wattles and Leonard Harkless and the team of event workers that hold such a great tournament. "You can really tell that they want to have a competition that considers the armwrestlers themselves and aren't just doing it for publicity and monetary gain. They are very friendly and go beyond themselves in running a tournament for the wrestlers. "I strongly recommend anyone just starting out to try to attend one of these events!" Carolyn exclaims.


Some of Allen's statistics:

Dec-80 N.A.W.A Las Vegas World Championship 1St

80 A.W. I Las Vegas World Championship 1 St

Sep-80 W.P. Kansas World Championship 1 St

80 N.A.W.A Los Angeles National Championship 2nd

Jan-81 Reno, Nev. Canadian/ American lst & 3rd

Jun-81 Reno, Nev. International Championshi 1 St

Apr-81 Baltimore, Wash. National Championship 1 St

Sep-81 W.P. Kansas World Championship 1 St

Jul-81 Pro Arm Sports Culver City World Championship 1 St

Jul-81 Hersons Maryland Nationals 1 St

Jan-82 Reno, Nev. Canadian/ American 2-1 St

Jun-82 Reno, Nev. Canadian/ American 2-1 St

Sep-82 W.W.C. Petaluma, CA World Championship 1 St

Sep-82 W.P. Mephis, Tenn World Championship 1 St

Jan-83 Reno, Nev. Canadian /American 2nd

Jun-83 Reno, Nev International Championshi 1 St

Sep-83 W.P. World Championship 1 St

Oct-83 W.W.C. Petaluma, CA World Championship 1 St

Jan-84 Reno, Nev. Canadian/ American

Jun-84 Reno, Nev Canadian/ American

Nov-84 N.A.W.A. Glendora, CA World Championship 1 St

Sep-84 W.P. New Orleans World Championship 1 St

Oct-84 W.W.C. Petaluma, CA World Championship 2nd

Jan-85 Reno, Nev. Canadian/ American

Jun-85 Reno, Nev Canadian/ American

Sep-85 W.P. Detroit, Mi World Championship 1 St

Oct-85 W.W.C. Petaluma, CA World Championship 2nd

Jan-85 Reno, Nev. Canadian/ American

Jun-85 Reno. Nev Canadian/ American

Mar-86 P. A. S. Las Vegas, CA World Championship 1 St

Oct-86 W.W.C. Petaluma, CA World Championship 2nd

Jan-87 Reno, Nev. Canadian/ American 1 St

Jun-87 Reno, Nev Canadian/ American 1 St

Jun-87 N.A.W.A. Fontana, CA Nationals 1 St

Jun-88 WCE Vegas World Class 1 St

Aug-93 Yukon San Francisco World Championship 1 St

Aug-94 Yukon San Francisco World Championship 2nd

Aug-95 Yukon New York World Championship 8th

Jun-95 U. S. A. F. Lake Tahoe, Nev. Nationals 3-1 St

Jun-96 U. S. A. F. Lake Tahoe, Nev. Nationals 1 St

Aug-96 Yukon Florida World Championship 6th




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