To: Registered Post May 25, 1998

Mr. Fred Roy
Canadian Armwrestling Fed;
1328 Longworth Place
Prince Albert, SK


Notice of Disciplinary action taken under clause as relevant of the World Armsport Federation Constitution is hereby served on you. The penalty decreed is EXPULSION from WAF.

Cause of action taken:

1. Use of obscene language not befitting the head of a national sports federation.
2. Attempting to organize a 'World ' Championships, without first securing a WAF license.
3. Interfering in the affairs of a fellow WAF member federation.
4. Trying to disrupt a WAF Congress by occupying a seat reserved for another WAF member.
5. Repeatedly making false statements/allegations without even once giving supporting evidence.

Barij Baran Das
General Secretary
World Armsport Federation

c.All WAF Members by Registered Post


Response #1 by Mr. Fred Roy
President of Canadian Armwrestling Federation
Vice President World Armwrestling Federation



From the Desk of Fred Roy, President
1328 Longworth Place Prince Albert, SK Canada S6V 6E3 (306) 763-0899 (306) 953-7336

June 18, 1998

Mr. Barij Baran Das
63 Sarat Bose Road
Calcutta,700 025

Dear Mr. Das;

This is in answer to your letter of May 25/98, in which you arbitrarily expel me from WAF. I will answer your points in chronological order so as not to confuse you.

Point # 1) If all you are referring to is a private e-mail to Frank Bean as my obscene language charge, then sir you must continue to arbitrarily expel members of WAF, starting with yourself. Calling someone a compulsive liar in public, is far more obscene than what I've said in private. This is definitely not befitting a General Secretary!

Point # 2) It is pretty hard to obtain a license from someone who has no intention of giving it to you. We gave you the check for the license. You returned it on your own accord. I spoke to General Osman at the Guwahatti City airport and he advised me there, that he was going home to begin preparation for the 1998 Worlds. When I asked him ' How could that be, WAF membership has voted unanimously that Canada was to host the Worlds?', he replied that you and Mr. O'Leary asked if he could organize to host the 98 Worlds in Cairo, because we had not given you the check at this time. Subsequently, it was posted to you by registered post from Calcutta, which you admit to having received. Now I believe General Osman to be an honest and honorable man, so why would he say this if it were not true?

Point # 3) When you speak of someone interfering in the affairs of a fellow WAF member federation, I would say that you, sir, are an expert on the matter. Was it not you who interfered with Armsport federations in France, Italy and Turkey and caused considerable hard feelings by your interference? One only has to ask these countries about it and refer to your correspondence to Mr. O'Leary to see how guilty you are of this charge! You are not even a member of any of these national bodies or of the EAF. Your charge against me , sir, is not valid. In my position as President of the North American Armsport Federation(NAAF), at that time, my position was to negotiate a solution to a problem that could not be solved without mediation from an outside source. It also directly affected the growth of Armsport in our nations and on our continent. Now sir, I say to you, this is not interfering, but the expression of grave concern!

Point # 4) The only ones disrupting the Congress meeting were Mr.O'Leary, who blatantly disrespected the NAAF constitution and the WAF constitution again, and you sir, with your support of this disrespect. The executive committee of NAAF never ever discussed any changes to our NAAF representative to the WAF board. We abided to our constitution which stated" that in the absence of the President ( Ray Darling), the Vice President ( Fred Roy) will represent the NAAF". Mr. O'Leary arbitrarily appointed Cathy Morrison, a person who is not an official representative of Armsport, either on the NAAF board or the Canadian Armsport Fed (CAWF) board. Mr. O'Leary's only intention was to try and get around Article 11, section t, sub-section ii) of the WAF constitution. You say Ray Darling appointed the new person to the NAAF board. We say, unless Ray Darling clears it with the NAAF board, it does not happen. Therefore that appointment is null and void.

Point # 5) The statements, allegations and charges brought towards you and Mr. Bob O'Leary are not the figment of imagination, sir. They are the facts gathered from the letters, written by you and Mr. O'Leary over the years. Your illegal changes made to the constitution over the years, without WAF membership approval or ever having been voted on by WAF membership have been cataloged, sir. You want proof of your wrong doings , sir? Merely look at your past writings, both of you! The way you have disrespected those of the WAF membership who have trouble to communicate in the English language is typical of your dictatorship style of administration. You took advantage of these people by never making sure they fully understood what was happening. You people are the ones who should be ashamed! You are the ones who have no honor! If you had any honor, you would do the only honorable thing and voluntarily resign your posts and let WAF be governed by people who care about Armsports and the athletes. I have given you volumes of proof, sir. You have just ignored it. Anyone who has ever questioned any WAF administration decisions has been persecuted and expelled.

There was a time Mr. Das that you were considered an honorable man. Unfortunately, you fell into step with Mr. O'Leary. I know very well, you, personally had good intentions in what you did until Mr. O'Leary came along. Now you have chosen your path and unfortunately for WAF the wrong one.

We have in our possession documentation indicating a majority vote of WAF membership countries who want their vote respected and are honoring the vote held in India. They are coming to the Worlds in Canada.

Unfortunately another of your victims will be General Osman of Egypt. It will be very embarrassing for him and his organization when a very small minority show in Cairo, if any! It is now very clear in our minds that you have no respect for any of the WAF member countries. To preserve the intent of WAF is the priority of the membership. The Majority will go on and promote ArmSports. Democracy will prevail!

Further, sir, to your arbitrary expulsion of myself or anyone else who is involved in WAF, it holds no credibility with anyone. Therefore we do not recognize it as official until it has been voted on by a majority of the WAF membership. The same is understood in reference to your expulsion of EAF or its reinstatement. The members do not recognize your decision.

Yours in Armsport

cc: WAF membership Interested parties

Further response from Mr. Roy to Mr. O’Leary



From the desk of Fred Roy, President


June 28, 1998

Mr. Bob O’Leary
P.O. Box 79
Scranton PA
USA 18504-079

Dear Mr. O'Leary

It is quite unbelievable that you continue to refer to yours and Mr. Das's past actions as democratic. My allegations against you sir are not fiction but documented facts.

Why don't you explain to the membership about the way you and Mr. Das set up the election in 1992 in Switzerland? There was no democracy there and total misrepresentation! Your answer to me was that no one else complained, so that you are inferring that its O.K. to misrepresent the people if no else complains.

Please explain why you and Mr. Das authorized a $1000.00 "donation" to General Osman to come to the 1996 election in Virginia Beach, USA? How do you think General Osman felt obligated to vote? Why was he not given funds to come to other tournaments or was he? Why is Egypt deemed as in Mr. Das's words "an emerging and handicapped African continental federation" in 1996 and not the previous year? How can it be that one year "you're an emerging and handicapped nation" in need of financial help to travel to the worlds in an election year -and the following year you can host the Worlds and pay air fares for you and Mr. Das? Very odd indeed! What about all the other newly emerging countries? Are they not entitled to monetary help? Just more examples of both of your arbitrary decision-making!

In regards to the 1998 Worlds in Canada, you are quite confused. In one sentence, you state that the bid was accepted under certain terms. In the next sentence, you claim no bid was received. For the people at that congress meeting they remember the vote was unanimous with no conditions attached other than the normal procedures that were followed. The venue package and itinerary was given to all countries present and Mr. Das was sent the check by registered mail. He acknowledges this and admits that he received it, but sent the check back. His reasons are not substantiated but it seems that you people don’t need any valid reasons to do as you please.

You claim that, quote, " Mr. Das and I have completely adhered to democratic ideals centered around the WAF organization." end of quote. In the next sentence you state that there is no provision 'in the WAF constitution for a non-confidence vote. You're probably quite right because when you wrote the constitution, it was written 'in a totalitarian format so that you as the dictator would always have control". The present constitution as it is written is totally unworkable in a democratic organization.

It is Mr. Das and you who are being accused of wrong doings not WAF. Yet, I have received a letter from a lawyer who claims to have been retained by WAF, on your behalf. Tell us please is WAF money being spent on your behalf as well? Was the WAF membership ever asked to authorize this or was it Just another arbitrary decision by you and Mr. Das? If you are so confident that you have done no wrong why have you retained a lawyer? When you are in a public office sir, of "a suppose to be" democratic organization, constructive criticism or open questions should not have to be answered through a lawyer. Especially if you are suppose to be innocent!

The WAF membership want their votes to be respected. That is what they ask. They voted to come to Canada and they are coming to the Worlds in Canada. Democracy will prevail and the majority will rule.

There is a great statesmen who once said, "THE FURTHER BACKWARD YOU LOOK, THE FURTHER FORWARD YOU CAN SEE". It is quite evident in our organization we only have to look back to when you became involved, when all the trouble started, the fixed elections, the arbitrary decisions, etc., etc., this is what we have to look forward to in the future as long as you are involved.

Yours in Armsport

Fred Roy

Pres. CAWF

Cc: WAF Membership



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