Eric Woelfel

World's Best Left Handed Armwrestler

I first met Eric Woelfel in 1974.  His mother had just purchased my home in Petaluma and he was inspecting the house.  He was about 13 years old, slightly built with long hair down to his shoulder blades.  Years later he walked into a telephone booth and became Superman/Eric, the World's Best Left Handed Armwrestler.

Eric is 36 years old and lives in Petaluma, Ca., the Armwrestling Capital of the World.  He operates his own business called Nor Cal Chimney.  Eric was first exposed to wrist/armwrestling in the local  Petaluma Boy's Club.  Eric says he wasn't very good at first. Then a friend who used to work at the World's Championships showed Eric what he had learned.  From that point on Eric was always looking for a local challenge. In 1987 Eric entered the World's Wristwrestling Championship where he took 2nd place right handed. His passion for the sport urged him on to travel the world seeking a high level of competition. Eric states that he learns something new from every competition he attends.


World's Wristwrestling Championship (Petaluma) 1st place left and 2nd place right.

World's Armwrestling Championship (Virginia Beach) 1st place left and 2nd place right.

Russia Golden Bear International Championship (Moscow, Russia) 1st place left.

Golden Arm Championship (Stockholm, Sweden) 1st place right and left handed and 1st place overall.

American Armwrestling Championship (Albany, New York) 1st place right and left handed.

Colebrook Country Club (Colebrook, NH) 1st place right and left handed.

Reno Armwrestling Championship (Reno, NV) 1st place

First Place in regional championships. Yukon Jack Sacramento, Central California Championship, Lake Club Redding, Budweiser Championship Patterson and others.

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