We are very pleased to share with you the information that the two European Armsport Federations are close to merging.  The following letter will give you the basic information.  The two groups have been meeting for some time via email and in person to attempt to unify the European teams which are the backbone of our sport.  WAF will meet in Poland in December to discuss this and the attempt to unify the sport on an International basis.  There will be many obstacles but all fair minded armwrestlers must agree unity in our sport is our first goal. It will allow us bargaining power to have more money tournaments, more television coverage and a real shot at the Olympics.  Please help in anyway you can.


Agreement between the two European Armsport Federations.

Mr. Assen Hadjitodorov  President and Mr. Marat Goussov  President


Dear EAF members,

 I hope that everything with you is just perfect and you train hard for the Worlds in Poland. After a nearly 3-week waiting yesterday I have received a fax from Mr. Marat Goussov, signed and stamped the agreements that we have reached up to at our meeting in Italy, concerning the next common European championship in Czech republic. I send you attached our agreements in English as the document that I have obtained from him is in Russian and it will appear meaningless to the majority of you. Right now there is still just one more question to be solved - that is the weight classes that have to be the championship in Czech republic to be handled. According the program prepared by the host of the Czech federation and that I have received from them at our meeting in Germany during the OVER THE TOP championship they have decided that the championship will be handled with the normal weight classes that have been on all the championships up to now. BUT the other EAF have had an agreement that from 2002 on they will have their championships in new weight classes - 9 for men, 6 for women, 7
for boys and 6 for girls. I send you forwarded their mail that they propose the weight classes for the championship in Czech republic to be. I'll contact Mr. Milan Svoboda - President of the Czech federation in order to discuss the weight classes matter. If you have any questions on the mail that I send to you please, write to me. I wait for your proposal concerning the agenda of our meeting in Poland, if you have any proposals, please let me know not later than November 25 so that they could be included in the agenda meeting. I wait for your e-mails.

 Best regards,
 Assen Hadjitodorov,
 President of EAF



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