Dot Jones one of the most successful armwrestlers
 in the history of the sport stars in the television series:

Dot Jones

Chicago Hope

If you were watching Chicago Hope last night (March 29, 2000) and thought you recognized the Death Angel you were right.  Dot Jones has been appearing in television programs for years now but this was the first starring role of which I am aware.  I am sure there are many more as I have seen her on the Roseanne show and others.  On last nights show she played the part of the Death Angel who was a major wrestling personality who had taken too many steroids.  I was quite impressed with the quality of her work.  Dot's basic nature is to be a very nice, pleasant person and she played the part of an obnoxious loud mouth.  Great acting Dot.  Let's do a story on your armwrestling career and television parts you have played.

Thanks to Denise Wattles for calling me from a different time zone so I could see the show.



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