The end of the year brings about the results of the points championship. This year again was close for most of the year. Only a couple of points separated the top ten and as with last year there were a lot of possibilities going into the last two contest of the year. Again coming out on top was Jerry Cadorette. Only eight points behind him was second Place finisher Tim Sears. Allen Stilkey finished in third place one point behind Tim. The top ten:

1. Jerry Cadorette

2. Tim Sears

3. Allen Stilkey

4. Will Hargrove

5. Gregg Bednarz

6. Donn LaFlamme

7. Paul Maurais

8. Sean Mayo

9. Norm Devio

10. Michael Shalhoub

Voting for Armwrestler Of The Year was very light with less than 1/3 of the members returning their ballot. Your vote only counts when you send it back, why let someone else make the choice all the time. The two people chosen are both very good examples of dedication to armwrestling, both in their desire to win and also in their willingness to help someone else whenever possible. They both give back more than they receive from their chosen sport. The Male Armwrestler of the Year is Gregg Bednarz. The Female Armwrestler of the Year is Sylvie Maurais. Congratulations to both of these fine competitors.

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