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Letter from B. B. Das to Fred Roy dated May 1, 1998 sent by Registered Post

Mr. Fred Roy
President - CAF

Dear Mr. President

Please refer to ‘E’ Mail from "Bill Morrison" with copy to you dated 16 April 1998 regarding the World Championships, to Mr. Richard Kimble - USA.

You are aware that Egypt will host the 1998 WAF World Championships this November. It seems that Mr. Paul Levesque is not willing to accept this fact.

As I assume that Thunder Bay Giant Armwrestling Association is affiliated to the CAF, their claim to host this years World Championships will be taken as CAF not accepting WAF decisions. Since this is a serious matter I would request you to kindly immediately clarify by FAX to me in Calcutta that CAF will discipline Thunder Bay Giant Armwrestling Club and that CAF accepts WAF decisions.

With best wishes,


B.B. Das

Letter of response from Fred Roy, President of the Canadian Armsport Federation to Mr. B.B. Das


May 16, 1998

Dear Mr., Das,

Re, Your letter dated May 1/98.

In answer to your statement if I was aware of the Worlds being in Cairo, the answer is NO! In answer to your assumption that Thunder Bay Giant Armwrestling Assoc.- is affiliated to the CAWF the answer is YES! In answer to your suggestion that not listening to WAF decisions is a serious matter the answer is a serious YES!

Now with that being said, let us quickly review who is violating WAF decisions. Who did WAF democratically vote for to host the 1998 Worlds..... Canada and the Thunder Bay Giant Armwrestling Association. This is a WAF decision! Who voted on Cairo, Egypt to host the 1998 Worlds? You and Mr. O’Leary, Mr. Das! This is not a WAF decision. Now by looking at these facts, Mr. Das, who is not listening to WAF decisions? May I remind you sir, that not you or Mr. O’Leary are WAF. You are suppose to be officers of WAF. The officers of WAF are suppose to be democratically elected by the WAF membership. The member armwrestling countries of the world are WAF! The membership voted for the Worlds to be in Thunder Bay, Canada. We are listening to WAF decisions, you are not!

The Worlds are in Thunder Bay, Canada as voted on by WAF.

Your decisions to arbitrarily change the site of the 1998 Worlds without any consultation of WAF members is a very serious offense to WAF decisions. I understand in your positions you are entitled to do everyday WAF business. This decision is not everyday business. I kindly request you to immediately fax me at 306-953-7336 to clarify this.

See you in Thunder Bay, Ont.

Best wishes.


Yours in Armsports

Fred Roy

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