Carolyn and Allen Fisher
hosted this great event

Eric Weolfel and Allen Fisher
During the round robin, these two needed four guys to hold the table down!

A quick break for a group picture

Vern Martell (Canada) and Eric Woelfel (Petaluma)

Eric Wolfe (Arizona) and Vern both went home sore!

A quick run down of the event

Friday night the seminar by Jack Medina scheduled for 7-9pm . ..pullers kept him there till 10:30pm and after it was over.. the guys said they wished it could go on longer. We had a break and had some snacks in the main gym Saturday: It started at 9am with a great breakfast of eggs, croissants and cream cheese, fruit, juice, apples sauce and granola, cottage cheese and cranberry sauce. Allen kicked it off with a class on how to prepare your mind and body for a tournament had a somewhat open forum after that. Warm up was good and thorough with five tables
going. We kept switching opponents and learned how to warm up so as not to get sore. Lots of
training for the next 2 hours. Then lunch was roast beef sandwiches, baked chicken , fruit,corn on
the cob, macaroni salad, cole slaw and desert. then a class on how to find a sponsor and be
successful at it. They all liked that class.. A free drink of Juice Plus+ Lite (For arm wrestlers only
and there was no push or infomercial) Then a hefty round robin and more training. There was another class on how to use the strap.We had to wrap it up by five as we only had the gym until then. Some of the guys went out on the town taking Vern Martel from Canada with them.

Comments from those who attended
The1998 World
Armwrestling Training

Here are some testimonials picked up as some pullers were leaving. The question was: If I was to put your comment about the training camp on the internet, what would you say??

"Thank you Allen & Carolyn for a great training session"! For those of you who missed, you
missed the opportunity of a lifetime. The Techniques and information that I got from
both the training and the seminar were invaluable! Great fun! " Eric Wolfe - Phoenix, AZ

"The people were very helpful and knowledgeable friendly. A great camp! (would you come
back?) "Oh yea. I've learned more in 2 days than in two years" Steve Northern
Phoenix, AZ

"I though it was great. Can't wait to come to another one. Here or anywhere. the hospitality
was great!" Danny Rodriguez - Texas

"Something everyone needs to come to whatever level, they need to be here." Lee
Ecklesfield Redding

"I thought it was great. I'm looking to try the techniques I learned to see if they improve my
strength." Kathy Hughes

" Thank you for being super hosts and all your effort and time that you put into this to make it a
super event" Vern Martel - Canada

"The most informative training camp of its kind in the nation. From amateur to professional, knowledge was flowing and arms were hurting! If you weren't there, your loss." Everett Beager III

A comment card was handed out at the end. On every sheet back, the answers were
unanimous. ..../ Questions.

Did you think the training camp was of value to you? answer, YES

Did you think the price was fair? answer, YES

What would you do differently or add? Answers: -only to have more of them - nothing.

Quest.: What impressed you the most? answer: Unanimous - the seminar (one also added that they were impressed by the caliber of the pullers who participated).

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