2000 Big Sky State Games Armwrestling
Rimrock Mall - Billings, Montana

Men's Novice Right Hand 0-154: Roy Osborn, Hardin/ Tim Mayo, Columbus

Men's Novice Right 155-176: Chris Phares, Big Timber / Tim Mayo, Columbus/ Jeremy Deter, Belgrade

Men's Novice Right Hand 177-198:Jack Riek, Blgs./Dom Tumlin, Belgrade James Reetz, Billings/ Jeremy Jones, Blgs. 

Men's Open Left Hand 0-132: Mark McArthur, Butte

Men's Left Hand 133-154: Will Bramhall, Billings / Mark McArthur, Butte/Roy Osborne, Hardin

Men's Left 155-176:Gary Lunceford, Helena/Jim Wright, Blgs./Tyler Johnson, Blgs./ Brett Rollins, Blgs.

Men's Left 177-198:Marty Anzik, Butte/Robert Petley,G. F./Shane Weinreis, Blgs./ Dom Tumlin, Belgrade

Men's Left Hand 199-242:Shane Salminen, Blgs./ D.J. Pentland, Deer Lodge/Ron Ouldhouse, Anaconda/ Shane Weinreis, Billings

Men's Left 243+: Gordon Pierson, Deer Lodge/ D.J. Pentland, Deer Lodge/Shane Weinreis, Billings

Men's Masters (age 40+) Right Hand 0-165: Jim Wright, Billings

Men's Masters (age 40+) Right Hand 166-198:Jim Wright, Billings/ GaryWattles, Billings

Men's Masters (age 40+) Right Hand 199+: Leonard Harkless, Billings

Ladies Right Hand 0-121: Lisa Bispo, Billings

Ladies Right Hand 122-143: Kelly Fjell, Fishtail/ Lisa Bispo, Billings

Ladies Right Hand 144+: Misty Ruttenbur, Laurel/ Kelly Fjell, Fishtail/Rita Kankel, Blgs

Men's Right Hand 0-132: Mark McArthur, Butte

Men's Right Hand 133-154: Josh Wright, Billings/ Will Bramhall, Billings /Mark McArthur, Butte/  Roy Osborne, Hardin

Men's Right Hand 155-176: Gary Lunceford, Helena/ Tyler Johnson, Billings/ Jim Wright, Billings/  Kevin Yager, Bozeman

Men's Right Hand 177-198: Marty Anzik, Butte/ Robert Petley, Great Falls,/ James Reetz, Billings

Men's Right Hand 199-242: D.J. Pentland, Deer Lodge/ Shane Salminen, Billings/Ron Ouldhouse, Anaconda/  Vince Shelton, Deer Lodge

Men's Right Hand 243+: D.J. Pentland, Deer Lodge/ Gordon Pierson, Deer Lodge

Ladies Right Hand Overall Champion: Misty Ruttenbur, Laurel

Men's Left Hand Overall Champion: Marty Anzik, Butte

Men's Right Hand Overall champion: Josh Wright, Billings



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