Chuck Norris in Moscow?

Not only does he spend time in Moscow but he has a busy, lovely casino and night club. Last year we just missed him as he had been in the casino several days before our Supermatches.
How about meeting us there next year Chuck?

John Brzenk and Russia's Alan Karaev set up


Introduction of Athletes followed by various entertainment from dancing girls to singers.

Leonard Harkless presents award to Golden Bear Chairman Boris Barulin

Before and After
Erekle Gurcheane from the Republic of Georgia and son
with John Brzenk
(Check the kid's ID)


Great slip shot of Eric Woelfel and Vakhtang Javakhadze from the Republic of Georgia

Finish order of Supermatch

1. Alan Karaev, Russia
2. John Brzenk, USA
3. Vakhtang Javakhadze, Republic of Georgia
4. Erekle Gurcheane, Republic of Georgia
5. Kazbek Zoloev, Russia
6. Eric Woelfel, USA



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