VI International Armwrestling Challenge Results


When you become a Super Star in the United States you become know by your first name. If you say "did you catch the Liza show?" or "did you see the special on Frank?" or "Elvis has been seen in downtown Petaluma" you know who these people are, they are superstars.

In Belgium the armwrestling superstar is Willy Deneumostier. Talk to anyone in Rochefort and mention Willy and they know him personally. He is the driving force for the International Challenge Armwrestling tournament and a true man of "All Seasons". He is the master organizer, host, announcer, leader, spokesperson and all around good guy. Thanks for the great time and wonderful tournament Willy.


Men's -55kg  Frederic Genelot, FR/ Roberto Knabehans, CH

Men's -60kg  Michel Costa Jean, FR   /Victor Segovia, ESP/ David Eilerstein, NOR/ Almond Martin, ENG

Men's -65kg  Loris Lunardi, IT /Christian Lambotte, BEL/ Oliver Fougeu, BEL/ Ivan Pelitiari, IT

Men's -70kg  Graig Sanders, ENG/ Gilles Kampf RG ROCH/ Jose Arevalo F. ESP/ Udo Weiss, GER      

Men's -75kg  Davide Bertoli, IT/ Chris Andrews, ENG/ Ibrahim Hadji, FR/ Alex Smetana, AUS

Men's -80kg  Neil Pickup, ENG/ Bruno Saint-Val, FR/ Pascal Girand, CH/ Christian Guatta, IT

Men's -85kg  Steve Tibbats, ENG/ Nicholas Currat, CH/ Luigi Perinelli, IT/ Jerome Doral, FR

Men's -90kg  Thierry Melina, FR/ Jean Bouchedda, FR/ Didier Hayaux, RG ROCH/ Gilbert Nemurat, FR

Men's -95kg  Richard Trauner, AUS/ Georges Naegel Jean, FR/ Dino Catelli, IT/ Robert Rosdorff, NL

Men's -100kg  Patrick Duez, FR/ Mauro Callegaro, IT/ Thomas Bleikker, CH/ Gustavo Perez ESP

Men's +100kg  Robert Brown, ENG/ Jo Kirchetter, FR/ Jean Marc Begnis, FR/ Yves Petermans, CH

Vereran   Thierry Melina, FR/ Jean Bouchedda, FR/  Georg Koller, GER/ Christian Moreau, RG ROCH    

Women -50kg  Corinne Genelot, FR/ Pamela Genelot FR, Alison Cox, Francine Regler          

Women -55kg  Violaine Cousin, FR/ Angelique Gaby, RG ROCH/ Natcha Leman, BRAS LIEGE    

Women -60kg  Kathy Defeche, RG ROCH/ Christine Tello Caldu, ESP/ Sonia Ellis, ENG/ Milady Dumont, RG ROCH

Women -65kg  Petra Spatz, GER/  Nathalie Linder, CH/ Kathy Defeche, GR ROCH Isabelle Nouhaud, FR

Women -70kg  Nathalie Linder, CH/ Grethe Mathiesen Anne, NOR/ Christine Gfeller, CH/ Birgit Gunther, GER

Women +70kg  Muriel Lamote, RG ROCH/ Nathalie Duchazaubeneix, FR/ Nathalie Berset, CH/ Sally Bishop, ENG

Veteran Women  Kjersti Stensholt, Madelaine Linder

Junior Women  Birgit Gunther, GER/ Pamela Genelot, FR/ Milady Dumont RG ROCH/ Riviera, FR

Handicaped  Carlos Matta Jean, FR/ Didier Maurer, FR

Junior -14  Christophe Flamant Jean, RG ROCH/  Daniel Lamot, BRAS LIEGE

Junior -16  Phillipe Lambert, FR / Tsvetan Zelenkov, BUL/ Josef Frajbold, GER/ Alonso Cost, ESP

Junior - 18  Brice Goran, FR/ Mario Garcia, ESP/ Konrad Poschmann, GER/ Albert Miranda, ESP



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