November 5, 1998

Mr. Barij Baran Das
63, Sarat Bose Road
Calcutta, INDIA, 700025

The results of the majority democratic vote held at the annual WAF Congress meeting, in association with the official XIX WAF World Armsport Championships in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada, October 16th-25th are as follows:

As per ARTICLE 42 CODE OF ETHICS in the present WAF constitution, you were found guilty and expelled as WAF General Secretary for the following infractions:

  1. Conspiring and manipulating the 1992 WAF election in Geneva, Switzerland in order to get Mr. Bob O’Leary into a position of control.
  2. Conspiring, arbitrarily authorizing and taking part in paying WAF funds, to a member WAF Executive Director, to attend WAF Congress, in order to influence and bias the democratic vote in Bob O’Leary’s favor at the WAF election in Virginia Beach, USA.
  3. For conspiring and arbitrarily attempting to replace an elected member of the WAF Executive Directors, which is against the WAF constitution, for your own personal gain at the 1997 WAF Championships in India.
  4. For conspiring and arbitrarily attempting to replace a democratically elected official of NAAF to the WAF board, for your own personal gain, with total disregard to the WAF and the NAAF constitutions.

It is clear by your conduct and continuous attempts to conspire, manipulate and influence monetarily over the years that you have no regard for democracy. Your many arbitrary actions regarding the constitution and monetary issues also show a complete disregard to WAF members and their democratic votes and opinions. Mr. Das, at one time you were considered an honorable man. Your actions now clearly indicate otherwise.

Your expulsion took effect October 19th, 1998. Any business that you do on behalf of WAF from that time on will not be recognized. You are to send all WAF property and information for the bank account along with proper signing authorization changes to the Interim General Secretary, Mr. Willy Deneumostier, Rue de Treux 1, 5580 Eprave, Rochefort, Belgium within 90 days of the date of this letter. Failure to do so will only add more credence to the charges against you. We anticipate you will conduct yourself professionally.

Yours in Armwrestling

Fred Roy
Interim Pres. WAF

Cc: WAF Executive Directors and WAF Membership



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