2001 Budweiser & Steel Horse Saloon 
Southwest Armwrestling Championships
Phoenix, Arizona -

April 1st

Men's Amateur Right Hand 155-176: Mike Christensen/ Kevin Kelley/ Troy Wiederman/Wayne Terry
Men's Amateur Right Hand 177-198: Jim Kahu/ Troy Fair
Men's Amateur Right Hand 199-242: Russ Engelhoff/ Bob Mona
Men's Amateur Right Hand 243+: Bob Shaffer/ Bill Sutherland

Men's Pro Left Hand 155-176: Borislav Ivanov, Troy Wiederman
Men's Pro Left Hand 177-198: Borislav Ivanov/ Eric Wolfe/ Scott Partington
Men's Pro Left Hand 199+: Mike Wells/ Bob Shaffer/ Brian Bylbie

Ladies Right Hand 0-143: Ginny Router/ Carol Alariz/ Romy Seleznov

Men's Pro Right 177-198: Eric Wolfe/ Vasil Iliev/ Borislav Ivanov/ Scott Partington
Men's Pro Right 199-242: Borislav Ivanov/ Jason Fritsch
Men's Pro Right 243+: Mike Wells/ Borislav Ivanov/ Brian Bylbie/ Bob Shaffer



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