Alper Cosar

Alper Cosar and Yuksel Nurettin

Turkey is a country which has the best beaches in all Europe so we have a great summer time here in the south parts. (maybe you can come for a little vacation) The east and south is modern where the rest is not so . Istanbul where I live in is extremely modern just like new York with 12 million people living in a cosmopolitan atmosphere. It is most charismatic. You can have a great holiday very easily in Istanbul. We have everything here so tell us what you like. People come from Europe to Istanbul to spend their weekends sometimes just because of the entertainment we have during the winters. In summer we prefer places in south like Bodrum. Antalya, Alanya, Kas, Marmaris, Fethiye and Kemer where we can enjoy the water because we can not swim in the Bosforus. That body of water which flows from the Black Sea divides Istanbul into two parts. One in the east; Asian part; that’s where I live and the other part, the European side (you can see it if you look at any world map). As you will notice, Turkey is a bridge between Asia and Europe so it is in a very important position strategic and cultural wise. Strategic because the United States prefers to keep turkey on its side for the dangerous Arabian countries. The cultural function is because Turkey is a mixed culture having both the modern and traditional living styles. I love my country very much but prefer studying abroad for my graduate study to have a wider view with different perspectives.




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