Merle Meeterís
All Time World Championship Team

Editors note:  Many of you know Merle as a World Class Competitor and others as the author of armwrestling articles in Milo magazine.   He is also a contributor to other media including , armbender and Denise Wattles ArmSport Magazine.  This is a well- thought-out list and represents some of the greats in the history of the sport.  It is focused on the United States with a few exceptions of Canada, Russia and Turkey .  I welcome reviewing your list or suggested changes with your reasoning.  Submit it to for discussion and possible publication.  Dave Devoto


Menís Right


130             Ray Taglione

140             Engin Terzi

150             Dave Patton

160             Cobra Rhodes

170             Allen Fisher

180             George Givens

190             John Buononato

200             John Walker

210             Clay Rosencrans

220             Ron Bath

230             Al Turner

240             Dan Mason

250             Virgil Arciero

260             Jim Dolcini

270             Moe Baker

280             Gary Goodridge

290             Alan Karaev

300             Mac Batchelor

400             Cleve Dean

200 to 1,000          John Brzenk


Menís Left


130             Allen Crowder

150             Dave Hicks

180             David James    

220             Ron Bath

270             Eric Woelfel                    


Womenís Right


130             Barb Zelepa

150             Lori Cole

170             Liane Dufresne        

200             Vika Gabagkova         

200+           Dot Jones



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