Results of the

Abilene 2nd Annual

Armwrestling Championship

                                        - Tournament Director -
Joshua Plourde

Mens Amateur Right 0-154: Hector Garcia, Will Thompson, Chris Robinson

Mens Amateur Right 155-176: Ricky Moore, Kelly Dan, Ricky White

Mens Amateur Right 177-198: Alan Bailey, Kyle Doan

Mens Amateur Right 199+: David Hess, Rodney Gregg, Walter Gurode

Mens Pro Left 0-154: Kenny Willis, Darrell Gamble, Hector Garcia

Mens Pro Left 155-176: Kelly Dan, Michael Graham, Vincent Paluscio

Mens Pro Left 177-198: Joshua Plourde, Marc Gordon

Mens Pro Left 199+: Harold Owens, Walter Gurode

Mens Pro Right 0-154: Kenny Willis, Darrell Gamble

Mens Pro Right 177-198: Marc Gordon, Joshua Plourde, Kenny Willis

Mens Pro Right 199+: Harold Owens, Walter Gurode, Justin Tedford

Mens Right & Left Hand Overall Champion: Harold Owens



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