Mr. Devoto,

As a state director of AAA I received a letter from President O’Leary that says you Presidents of other organizations are all promoters and you just try to make money from putting on tournaments. That you have the best interests of the pullers only if the big bucks roll in.

He says take a look at the AAA Board members. Remember we are talking FACTS here. You will not see a Promoter face on the Board. No Promoters here.

AAA State Director


Dear AAA State Director......

I would be greatly surprised and disappointed if Mr. O’Leary wrote a letter like the one to which you refer. The fact that you have to send your email anonymously makes it suspicious. In addition I have no way to respond to your email except by posting it on-line.

To be able to respond to your comments about "promoters" I went to the dictionary and found the true meaning of the word promoter:

1. From Latin promotus literally, to move forward.

1 a to advance in station, rank, or honor.

2 a : to contribute to the growth or prosperity of : FURTHER <promote international

understanding> b : to help bring (as an enterprise) into being.

A : to accelerate the growth or progress of

B: to bring or move forward

C: to raise to a higher rank

D: archaic : to lift up : RAISE

Text: 1 To cause to proceed or progress toward a goal.

Synonyms encourage, forward, foster, further, promote, serve

Related Word aggrandize, exalt, raise, uplift; glorify, immortalize, magnify

Hopefully we are guilty according to the true meaning of "promoter". I am sure I speak for all the presidents of the many different organizations who are members of United States ArmSports when I respond to your comments. Yes, we are promoters and extremely proud of our contributions to the sport over all the years.

I think your comment that there are no promoters on the AAA board is an insult to the AAA board members. I know several who are and they would join me in agreeing it is an honor to be so described.

Perhaps you owe us all an apology.


Dave Devoto



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