August 5, 1998

WAF Membership

Dear WAF Membership,

This is a very simple message. Those of you who are thinking that going to Cairo shows support of WAF, you are mistaken. It shows support of the dictator, Mr.. Bob O'Leary and his sidekick, Mr. Barij Baran Das. REMEMBER, YOU, THE WAF MEMBER COUNTRIES ARE WAF, not O'Leary or Das. Support yourselves. Those of us who are going to the WAF World championship in Thunder Bay, Canada are doing as the WAF membership voted. Out of (7) seven continental bodies of armwrestling, (5) five, have committed in writing that they are coming to the WAF Championships in Thunder Bay, Canada. These people have not been bribed with offers of paid expenses or offers of future world championships. These are the true people who genuinely have the best interest of the sport and its athletes at heart. These are the same people who were at the Congress meeting in India and saw and heard what really went on, not the made up version of Mr. O'Leary and Mr. Das. These people are executive directors of WAF. These people are myself, North America, Mr. Igor Akhmedshin, Europe, Mr. Mitsuo Endo, Pacific Asia; Mr. Karl Ajami, Australia/New Zealand; Mr. Humberto Panzetti, South America. Now where do you think the real WAF championships are? If you said Thunder Bay, Canada, you are right! See you at the XIX WAF World Championship, Oct 16-25/98.

Yours in Armwrestling,

Fred Roy



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