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Annual report of the General Secretary 1999
Willy Deneumostier


What can I say for a year that I shall qualify as transitional? We have lost our unity but is it good or  evil? We will learn the truth from the future.  In spite of many conciliation’s mail post with Mister Capla from Slovakia, this one had instigated a split in the bosom of the European’s federation in joining  the Das and O’Leary group. These, in spite of the democratic vote of the executive committee taken at the world championship in Canada 98, don’t accepted their expulsion and continue their control of the WAF as if nothing had happened. They intend to apply one constitution which, I believe, has been never voted. This is applied when suits it them  but it is forgotten when the applications of the rules doesn't suit them. Certain federations, who are on their side, complain of their machinations and of their dictatorship but they don’t do anything to change the things and continue to  follow as Panurge’s sheep. What can we do to rejoin this discontented? It shall be subject of this report. We have hearted during years that the WAF was a stronger and more intense. Mister Das and O’Leary have will to make believe that everything gone good in the better world. They will do flash, every year, that the recognition of the GAISF and the IOC were in a good way, that it was nearby…It was just that powder on eyes in order to rejoin the most important number of countries in the lap of their WAF. The truth is that they didn’t try to rejoin this venerable assemblies because with this assemblies, they must prove their control and the exact count of the treasury. It was probably to difficult for them to justify their machinations… Much of the  "responsible" be let oneself lure by their discourse but like "Sister Anne" they have see nothing coming. "We deal with all; trust on us, we make everything…" It was always the same words but without real action. It ‘s high time that we tale action like responsible adults. Mister Bill Cox has introduced files near the GAISF for the American’s federation and I have making the same for the Belgium.  I request, therefore, all the Continental and National’s responsible to introduce individually a file to this organization in order to be recognized by the GAISF.  If every country make one file and send it, the GAISF shall recognise our existence and take care of our sport. The procedure is very simple: you can do it via internet to this address: or by post mail to this address: http://www.worldsport.com/worldsport/gaisf/   et adresse e.mail: gaisf@worldsport.com or by post mail to this address : Villa Le Mas 4, boulevard du Jardin Exotique, MC 98000, Monaco Tel: 00/377 97 97 65 10, Fax:00 377 93 25 28 73. Let me know the results of your procedure. The Olympics recognition will pass by this organization first. The Olympics will be more difficult to obtain but I have great hope if all the National’s federation make their works conscientiously. While we are on the subject, it is vital that the federal leaders take their responsibilities and be consequent of their duties and obligations. The official’s function must not be only a pushing oneself but require a self-consciousness grip of the work to accomplish. The leaders must be the locomotives of the federations and the example of our sport. The federations must be recognized by the own government like sport federation and all the legal steps must be undertaking and finalized. We shall be most credible to all eyes if our sport is recognized in time of it and to his just value. We must be, during our manifestations, more professional, more responsible and especially present a health’s image of our sport’s passion. How to try to make it, did you tell me? I have remarked, during his last few months, during the European’s international tournament, that the first and big problem of our sport – as in all the others sports anyway- is the refereeing. Why have we not more referee? We must be conscious that this is one of the guarantees of our sport. He must be greatly improved. On to do this, we must devote oneself the means of our ambitions and take example on the others sports. It is far to be the case. The referee must be formed, financially helped, be better considered and protected by the rules of our federation. There is a person that undergo treatment like a dog, sometimes injured or hited for make respected the rules without consideration of his leaders??? A big effort must be done in this way otherwise we shall haven’t any one credibility close to our competitors and the media’s. The second problem is the application of the rules in our sport. This one seems like regulated by rules clear and precise but it is not often the case. We must make applied the rule concerning the infrastructure, the weight-in, the weight categories, the equipment, the competitor’s clothing and the development of armsport’s tournament. On to do it, we must clearly and constantly apply that existent’s rules. It happen frequently that the tables and the straps are not conforming, that the referees and the competitors are not in regulation clothes, that the weight categories, the pulling-board and the board are different from one country to another. All that things make that our sport is not credible to the public’s eyes, politics leaders, and the media’s. We pass for a Hobby’s practicing and not as sportsmen. I shall recommend, therefore, that, every year, two referee’s seminaries minimum, be organized, one by the WAF, the days before, the World championship and one other, by the continental’s federations, the days before the Continental championships. The WAF’s executive committee must define the organized conditions of those seminaries. I recommend, also, that every federation provide one referee by slice of 10/15 competitors, during the World and Continental Championships. If the federations don’t provide the requests number of referees an amount of $100 will be applied by missing referees in charge of the fault’s federation. Those amounts will serve solely at the functioning of the referee’s seminaries managed by the Waf’s Head-referee controlled by the executive committee for the count. Concerning the tables in order to cater for the needed of the organization and to use always the regular’s equipment, during the World and Continental championships, I recommend that The WAF and each Continental federation acquire two tables each and let it at disposition of the organizing federation during this championships. The modalities of using, transport, and management will be definite by the executive committee. To get better all those things, we are, us all, the leaders, the firsts to show the example. We should not accept everything and anyone in the bosom of ours federations. We must make applied the rules and watch over the good step of our sport. It is our Duty. A self-consciousness grip of the federals responsible is fundamental. It is the only way to progress and to obtain our goal: the recognition of our sport just as it. One more last things that worry me hugely: the relationship of the federations in relation to the WAF and, most particularly towards the General secretary. It is certain that the communication had never been the stronger point between the Waf’s members. One concern oneself most particularly of his federation and one don’t worry about what it is happening to his neighbor. The continental and national leaders must getting better the exchange and communications between them but especially towards the general secretary’s office. It is very difficult to make good my work if I don’t receive  receipt of correspondence or information that I have sending, little information concerning the activities of armsport. I shall desire to be knowing about: 1 : the modifications in the bosom of the nationals and continentals executive’s committee in order to bring up to date a listing of functions, addresses, co-ordinates inside federations to allow the generals secretaries to know who is who and who make what inside those federations.2 : the diverse nationals and continentals competitions or others information’s in order to inform all the WAF’s members and to publish a official calendar of all our activities. An Internet side is at the disposition of all the WAF’s members but to provide it, it is fundamental that I should have all the information and necessary elements at his supplying. Thank you to have myself listening and I hope that everybody will understand that this report has been done for the interest of our passion: armsport.

Willy Deneumostier
WAF General Secretary



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