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World Armsport Federation

Message from WAF President
Fred Roy

WAF World Championships in Rovanemei, Finland
 to be held Nov 6th to the 12th, 2000.   The following agenda is to be followed as per the new WAF constitution:




1. The WAF Congress will take place annually at the WAF world armwrestling championship at least one day prior to the competition. The following items will always be on the agenda:

a) Affiliation of new members.

b) The approval of the reports of the President, Vice-presidents,
General Secretary, Treasurer, Referee and sub-committee members.

c) The filling in of any existing vacancies on the WAF Executive Committee.

d) Selection of location of WAF world championship, other sanctioned championships and seminars.

e) Modification of statutes, bylaws and rules.

f) New business presented by affiliated member organizations.

g) Review of audited accounts.

h) Appointment of auditors.

2. Every fourth even year, using 1992 as a reference, Congress will decide on the following:

a) Nominations of continental representatives to the WAF Executive Committee by each continental federation.

b) The election of continental representatives to the positions of President WAF, Vice- Presidents, General Secretary and Treasurer. (Positions of General Secretary, Referee and Treasurer do not have to be continental representatives. They can be from any country, but must be able and wanting to do the job.) This election will be done by the membership in a quick and expedient manner.

We encourage everyone to participate in this year's election as per the constitution and get your candidate’s name in to the General Secretary as soon as possible. All positions are open this year!

Wishing you all the best in the promotion of our sport of armwrestling.

Fred Roy
Interim Pres. WAF



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