Bimal Kumar Chanda, President, Indian Armwrestling Federation.

Dear Mr. Fred / Willy /Devoto. I am enclosing a copy of mail sent to Dr. Milan Capla and copy to Frank Bean & Humberto Panzetti on World Armsport Federation's Expenditure. You will be astonished to see the way of misutilization of the World Armsport Federation Fund.

Yours Bimal.

Dear Dr. Capla,

I am giving you the brief history of Accounts of World Armsport Federation which can be placed in World Armsport Federation Congress. The World Armsport Federation funds are handled singly, why?

 I am having Receipts & Expenditure accounts for the year 1999 in my hand, where Receipt is 9,00,000 (9 lacs) in Indian Rupees and Expenditure is 8,00,000 (8 Lacs) in Indian rupees, because Dollars are converted in Indian Money & spent in Indian money. In India it is very difficult to spent 8 lacs rupees in a year on account of World Armsport Federation accounts, it is next to impossible, because we get 1:50. So you can very well understand there is something wrong and how he (BB Das) is taking one of his family members in World Championships every year. Brief description of expenditures are given below to justify.

Postage (Ord.) - $1644 = Rupees
80,000 - where foreign postage fee maximum Rs.25 i.e.50 cent /letter.

Telephone : $799 = Rupees 35000 - very difficult to spent so much on telephone.

Tours : $3247 = Rupees 1,60,000 - very difficult to spent where domestic air fare maximum Rupees 5000 to 7000 i.e.$100 to $150 per trip.

Local Conveyance : $1133 = Rupees 52,000 - where Taxi fare is minimum .20 cent. How can he spent so.

Legal Advice : $1000 = Rupees 50,000 - where lawyers fee more or less Rupees 500 i.e.$10, and he takes Legal advise from his friend. How can be so much?

Rent World Armsport Federation Office : $1333 = Rupees 60,000 - He uses his drawing room and bed room. No question of Rent as he is using his own house.

Audit & Accounting charge : $167 = Rupees 7,500 - But the audit fee is maximum Rupees 1,000 per year i.e. $20 we are paying. So how can he pay so much.

Please go through the above seriously and act accordingly. Remember if Gen. Secretary , World Armsport Federation is not removed, there is no scope of further improvement. I know he will BANG THE TABLE if you say anything against him. But don't worry, it is his habit to create PANIC amongst the members present in the meeting. Ask him to justify the expenditure of World Armsport Federation. We should see the end when he is fingering us.

Bimal Kumar Chanda, President, Indian Armwrestling Federation.

Copy to : Mr. Humberto Panzetti, Sr. Vice-President, World Armsport Federation for information & action pl.



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