10th Annual Ukrainian
Armwrestling Championships


Igor Mazurenko.

On the 8th-10th of May in Sudak, Crimea, X Ukrainian Championships in armwrestling were held. Sudak is a beautiful town, which lies in the mountains by the Black Sea. 250 competitors - juniors and seniors in all possible weight categories - took part in the event. Bogdan Gordasz and Vladimir Petrenko, the President of the Ukrainian Armwrestling Association, were the organizers. There were not any easy fights. Everybody knows Rustam Babayew. He is the last year's European and World Champion in 70kg category both on right and left hand. He is heavier this year and during this championships he entered 78kg category. Rustam has a younger brother Ruslan who is 16 years old. He took the first place both on right and left hand in juniors' category. He won 78kg category without any problems. Dimitry Nikonov took the first place on the left hand in 86kg category. Grygory Bondaruk, Alexander Tmieniev's from Lvov follower, took the second place, but he won with Dimitry Nokonov on the right hand. Taras Ivakin from Charkow was the leader in 90kg category. Alexiey Semerenko was the favorite in 150kg category. Without any buts everyone expected he would win, but less famous competitor, 17 years old Alexiey Puszkar, won with him unexpectedly during the qualifying matches. But Alexiey Puszkar was not experienced and strong enough to get through all the fights and finally he took the fourth place. Alexiey Semerenko put up some good fights and he became the Ukrainian Champion.

Sport regards,
Igor Mazurenko



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