1999 USA
National Armwrestling

Many thanks to tournament directors
Denise Wattles and Leonard Harkless
for their great Unified National Tournament

1999 USA Unified National Armwrestling Championship
Sands Regency Hotel & Casino - Reno, Nevada

Mens Masters Right 155-176: Frank Malis, NY/ Keith Michel, MT
Mens Masters Right 177-198: Don Maloney,CA/ Charles Hughes, CA
Mens Masters Right 199-220: Jack Arias, NY
Mens Masters Right 221+: Steve Phipps, WA/ Merle Meeter, CA/ Mike Shadduck, MA
Ladies Masters Right 0-132: Ruth Michel, MT
Ladies Masters Right 133+: Kathy Hughes, CA
Ladies Left 111-132: Judy Dodd, CA/ Tressa Lakowski, NE/ Lorrie Schoner, CO
Ladies Right 111-121: Tressa Lakowski, NE/ Judy Dodd, CA
Ladies Right 122-132: Lorrie Schoner, CO/ Lisa Hall, NE
Ladies Right 133-154: Lisa Hall, NE/ Jessie French, CA
Ladies Right 155-176: Kathy Hughes, CA
Ladies Right 177+: Debbie Morris, CA/ Kelli Nelson, CA
Mens Left 111-132: Greg Gray,CA/ Benjie Dwyer, NY
Mens Left 133-154:Don Spraggs, CA / Tim Sears, MA/ Dave VanOstrand, MT
Mens Left 155-176: Brent Rogge, MT/ Aaron Berry, WA/ Frank Malis, NY
Mens Left 177-198:Mike Selearis,NY/ Allen Stilkey, RI/ Robert Petley, MT
Mens Left 199-220: Ron Bath, GA/ Robert Baxter, UT/ Bryce Leiker,
Mens Left 221-242: Alan Tresser, CA/ Brusier Neal, CA
Mens Left 243+: Steve Phipps,WA/ Lance Kent, WA/ Cliff Hall, NE
Mens Right 122-132: Greg Gray,CA/ Benjie Dwyer, NY
Mens Right 133-143: Dave VanOstrand, MT/ Mike Boylan, CA/ Byron Harlow, CA
Mens Right 144-154: Wayne Fredrickson, WA/ Tim Sears, NY/ Al Bond ,CA
Mens Right 155-165: Greg Wilson, OH/ Rick Soliwoda, PA/ Tom Shawee, UT
Mens Right 166-176: Allen Fisher, CA/ Brent Rogge, MT/ Aaron Berry, WA
Mens Right 177-187: Jason Vale, NY/ Robert Petley, MT
Mens Right 188-198: Brian Brandon, CA/ Jarrod Levulett, OR/ Mike Selearis, NY
Mens Right 199-220: Ron Bath, GA/ Jason Vale, NY /Don McClary, CA/ RobertBaxter
Mens Right 221-242:Bruiser Neal, CA / Robert Baxter, UT
Mens Right 243+: Lance Kent, WA/ Ed Hoffman, WA/ Mike Shaddock, MA/ Cliff Hall, NE
Team Champions: East-West Connection - Allen Stilkey, Rhode Island - Captain



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