Friday 5, 2000  Talking on the phone at this time to Tony in the hospital.  Tony says thanks to everyone for their calls and cards and special thanks to Denise Wattles who has been wonderful with calls up to three times a day.  Leonard Harkless, John Brzenk, Eric Woelfel, Ron Bath to name a few have kept my days hopeful with their support.  I just can't say thanks enough.

Dave:  Tony will have his colon removed about the first of next week.  Below will find his address at both the hospital and his home.  Please drop him a line or give him a call.  Please give him support at this most crucial time.

Hospital address is:  Barnes Jewish Hospital North, 216 S. Kings Highway, St. Louis, MO.  63110  Room 3232
Home address:  408 North Combs Avenue, Collinsville, IL.   62234


Wednesday April 26th update:   From Denise Wattles

Tony Picchioldi has been in St. Jude's hospital for over 2 weeks with Crohn's Disease (a disease of the colon).
He has lost about 40 lbs. and doesn't know what each new day will bring. His mom told me he may have to have his colon removed if his condition worsens. At this time the prognosis isn't great but I know the support of his friends will greatly improve his spirit. If you have a minute today please give him a call. His phone number at the hospital is
(314)747-3232. It rings in his room and he answers. Please keep him in your prayers.

Wed. 7:09AM:  From Dave Devoto

I just talked to Tony in the hospital at 314 747-3232.  He greatly appreciated the call and said he is so grateful for the calls and cards from pullers.  Whether you know Tony or not give him a call or send him a card!  Tony's a great guy.  He told me he lost 40 pounds so now he will be in Cobra Rhodes weight division so Cobra had better look out.  Obviously he also has a great sense of humor. 


Tony Picchioldi 

is in St. Jude's Hospital with an intestinal problem and he has lost substantial weight. He thrives on all his friendships and get well wishes would be greatly appreciated. Correspondence can be sent to:

 Tony Picchioldi
 408 N. Combs Ave,

Collinsville, Il. 62234



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