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Meet Tony Dure

Hi Tony, how long have you been armwrestling?

I've been involved in Armwrestling since 1987

How did you get started?

Well, when Sylvester Stallone decided to make the film "Over The Top", he held a National Armwrestling Competition in most of the major countries in the world, and the winners were flown over to America, with the chance to appear in the movie.

What happened?

I'd been powerlifting/kickboxing for a few years and thought I'd be good at this sort of thing.

The event was advertised in one of our biggest National newspapers "The Sun" I applied and was accepted. In the end there were around 1000 spectators and around 500 armwrestlers, I was in the lightest class 154LB / 70KG class and was in the very first match called. In front of 1000 people I pulled and was beaten in about one 10th of a second!!!

I couldn't believe it! I asked around for the British Trainer determined that that would never happen to me again, and was introduced to a man called Clive Myers, within a year I came in Fourth in the 1987 WAF World Armwresting championships held here in England

What have you done since then?

Well since then I've won 5 National Championships and have competed at the highest levels of Armwresting throughout the world. All achieved without the use of steroids!

Well what exactly have you won all over the world?

Well I'll only mention the competitions / awards worth goes

1988 WAF World Championships held in Eskilstuna, Sweden. Sliver medallist 154lb / 70kg class

1989 WAF World championships held in Athens, Greece. Bronze medallist 154/70kg class

1989 England vers Germany held in Oberhausen, Germany. Gold medallist 154/70kg class

1990 on the cover of the "Armbender" Magazine (March 1990 vol 14 no1) armwrestling my rival/friend Jerry Jannings

1990 Gold Medallist in the Five Nations championships (England, Germany, France, Italy and Switzerland) held in Geneva Switzerland 176/ 80kg class (still weighed 154lbs)

1990 x2 European Championships held in Geneva and Zurich Gold Medals in both Competitions in the 154lb/70kg class

1991 Put into the WAF hall of champions

1991 Sliver Medallist in the WAF European Championships held in Fredrikstad, Norway in the 154lb/70kg class.

1991 Sliver Medallist in the world professional Championships held in the Bercy Stadium, France in the 154lb/70kg class.

1992 Bronze Medallist in the WAC World Championships held in Chiba, Japan in the 165lb/75kg class(still weighed 154lbs).

1992 Winner of the Belgium open Championships held in Roquefort, Belgium 154lb/70kg class.

1994 Winner of the Canadian Iron man Championships held in Edmonton, Canada 165lb/ 75kg class (still weighed 154lbs).

1994 Winner of the Virginia State Championships held in Virginia, America in BOTH the 154lb and 165lb classes.

1995 winner of the World Armwrestling championships in Switzerland (not really worth Mentioning)Non WAF.

1996 6th place in the WAF world Championships held in Virginia beach, America in the 165lb class.

These are all the event's I feel are Worth mentioning, I've also competed in around five other world championships but the one's I've mentioned mean the most to me. The other thing that Armwrestling has enabled me to do, is meet some pretty awesome people from all over the globe. I'll mention just a couple; besides David Shead, Steve Stanaway, Grenville Lloyd, and the British Team you know who you are (Frank Pittel Promoter).

Special People world-wide:

The Stanaway Family, The Bollenli Family, Herman (Gym Owner), Keith Saunders, Jerry Janning, Andrew (Cobra) Rhodes, Leslie Whimms, Chad Slivers, Joel Christianson (Canada), Theirry Vinizo, Pascal (Swiss), Jerome (Isreal), Cari Lee (Canada) Anna Pettersson (Sweden), Charlott Wikstrem (Norway) and lastly Angee Carl (America).

PLEASE forgive me if your name Isn't listed, if I put everybody down, the names would go on forever!

If you need any help or advice/stories or would like to hear from me. E-mail me at

Thanks for all the information Tony!   Dave Devoto



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