Congratulations to Leonard Harkless, Denise Wattles and crew
for a great tournament.

Ninth annual USAA National Pro-Am Armwrestling Championships
Tahoe Biltmore Lodge and Casino

Crystal Bay Lake Tahoe, Nevada
May 16-18, 2003

Tournament Directors - Leonard Harkless & Denise Wattles
Member of United States ArmSports (USA)


Menís Novice Left Hand 0-154: Robert Shove
Menís Novice Left 155-176: Robert Shove/ James Brocklesby/ Andrew Harkless
Menís Novice Left  177-198: Kasey Hofer/ Lance Eubank
Menís Novice Left 199+: John Shaw/ Tony Ferriera

Menís Novice Right 0-154: Kevin Reynolds/ Robert Shove/ Robert Wilson/ ByronHarlow/ Miles McClanahan
Menís Novice Right 155-176: Greg Cox/ James Brocklesby/ Andrew Harkless
Menís Novice Right 177-198: Kasey Hofer/ Dan Wardlaw/ Lance Eubank
Menís Novice Right 199+: Wes Bradford/ Pat Bowens/ Brent Topie/ Dan VanTassel

Ladies Pro Right 0-143: Gerrie McGraw/ Judy Dodd/ Jennifer Hoffert/ Megan Reynolds
Ladies Pro Right 144+: Dot Jones/ Kelly Nelson/ Billie Jo Winfield/ Gina Holmberg/ Linda Markert

Menís Pro Left 0-154: Engin Terzi/ Devin Bair/ Gene Dunn/ Jason Murphy/ Frank Becerra/ Brent Norris
Menís Pro Left 155-176: Kenny Hughes/ Engin Terzi/ Mike McGraw/ Chris Chandler/ John Parton/ Bob Brown/ Todd Villa
Menís Pro Left 177-198: David Bieler/ Eric Peterson/ Dean Sain/ Jon Vinikoor
Menís Pro Left 199-242: Marcio Barbosa/ John Brzenk/ Allen Ferriera/ Jarrod Levulett/ Chris Futhey/ Robbie Topie
Menís Pro Left 243+: Kody Merritt/ Marcio Barbosa/ Georgi Bregnadze/ Allen Ferriera/ Bob Shaffer

Menís Pro Right 0-132: Simon Berriochoa/ Daniel Higgins/ Brent Norris/ Sean Town
Menís Pro Right 133-154: Engin Terzi/ Devin Bair/ Simon Berriochoa/ Gene Dunn/ Rick Steffens/ Michael Boylan/ Jason Murphy
Menís Pro Right 155-176: Kenny Hughes/ Chris Chandler/ Randy Weaver/ Mike McGraw/ Herman McCoy/ Todd Villa/ Bob Brown/ Lee Ecclesfield
Menís Pro Right 177-198: Mike McGraw/ Dean Sain/ Eric Peterson/ David Bieler/ Lee Ecclesfield/ Jon Vinikoor
Menís Pro Right 199-242: John Brzenk/ Tom Nelson/ Jarrod Levulett/ Chris Futhey/ Robbie Topie/ Matt Clark
Menís Pro Right 243+: John Brzenk/ Marcio Barbosa/ Bob Shaffer/ Georgi Bregnadze/ Jarrod Levulett

Menís Pro Right Hand Overall Champion: John Brzenk
Menís Pro Left Hand Overall Champion: Kenny Hughes
Ladies Pro Right Hand Overall Champion: Dot Jones
Professional Team Champions: California Armbenders - Mike McGraw, Captain
Professional Best Sportsman: Bob Wilson

Ladies Amateur Right Hand Open: Georgia Hansen

Grand Masters Right 166-198: John Burgeson
Grand Masters Right 199+: Sam Hattabaugh, Joe Ramirez

Masters Right 0-154: Gene Dunn/ Victor Torres/ Gary Alves/ Zee Bugaj
Master Right 155-176: John Parton/ Lee Ecclesfield
Masters Right 177-198: John Parton/ John Burgeson/ Tom Bennett/ Lee Ecclesfield
Masters Right 221+: Sam Hattabaugh/ John Shipes/ Tom Bennett

Masters Left 0-154: Gene Dunn/ Victor Torres/ Zee Bugaj
Masters Left 221+: John Parton/ John Shipes/ Zee Bugaj

Amateur Left 0-154: Pat Brown/ Victor Torres/ Sean Town/ Zee Bugaj
Amateur Left 155-176: Clayne Hanson/ Andrew Harkless/ Dale Jacques
Amateur Left 177-198: Chris Chandler/ John Parton/ Joey Vierra/ John Vinikoor/ Bryce Leiker
Amateur Left 199-242: Tom Nelson/ Casey Szparaga/ Eddie Vasguez

Amateur Right 0-154: Bob Wilson/ Gary Alves/ Zee Bugaj/ Sean Town
Amateur Right 155-176: Ryan Weaver/ Clayne Hanson/ Andrew Harkless
Amateur Right 177-198: Chris Chandler/ Jon Vinikoor/ Joey Vierra/ Tom Bennett/ John Burgeson
Amateur Right 199+: Casey Szparaga/ Eddie Varguez/ Manuel Cardoso

Amateur Left Hand Overall Champion: Tom Nelson
Amateur Right Hand Overall Champion: Chris Chandler
Amateur Ladies Right Hand Overall Champion: Georgia Hanson
Best Sportsmanship Award: Bryce Leiker
Amateur Team Champions: California Armbenders: Eddie Varguez, Captain

Arnold Classic Armwrestling Challenge 2004 Qualifying Armwrestlers:

Ladies Right Hand 0-143: Gerrie McGraw, CA/ Judy Dodd, CA/ Jennifer Hoffert, CA
Menís Pro Right Hand 0-154: Engin Terzi, Turkey/ Devin Bair, WY/ Simon Berriochoa, CA
Menís Pro Right Hand 155-176: Kenny Hughes, CA/ Chris Chandler, WY/ Randy Weaver, CA
Menís Pro Right 177-198: Mike McGraw, CA/ Dean Sain, CO/ Eric Peterson, OR
Menís Pro Right 243+: John Brzenk, UT/ Marcio Barbosa, NJ/ Bob Shaffer, CA

The second of Three Arnold Classic Qualifiers will be the 2003 USA Unified National Armwrestling Championship
August 1-3, 2003 Open to U.S. Citizens Only. Call (406) 248-4508 for more information.

The third and last of the Three Arnold Classic Qualifiers will be the World's Wristwrestling Championship.  Full 
information will be posted soon.



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