1999 Rudy Goldwire Memorial Armwrestling Championships
South Texas State Fair, Beaumont, Texas


Men's Novice Right Hand 0-154:
Keith Lyday, Hector Garcia, Corey McDorman, Brice Davenport

Men's Novice Right Hand 155-176:
Todd Patin, Galilo Lezama, Michael Sundquist, Wilbert Moore

Men's Novice Right Hand 177-198:
Rodney Gregg, Paul Phelps, Vincent Paluscio, Jason Rivera

Men's Novice Right Hand 199+:
Joe Speed, Floyd Colley, Les Badgett, Cody LeBlane

Men's Left Hand 0-154:
Hector Garcia, Chris French, Paul Campise, Bobby Crooks

Men's Left Hand 155-176:
Mark Brockman, Jason Archley, Galileo Lezama, Michael Sundquist

Men's Left Hand 177-198:
Rodney Gregg, Tommy Cockrell, Stan Peach, Vincent Paluscio

Men's Left Hand 199+:
Harold Owens, Joshua Plourde, Bronson Justice

Ladies Right Hand 0-121:
Shelise Frugi, Stephanie Balleger

Ladies Right Hand 144+:
Crystal Leleux

Men's Right Hand 0-132:
Paul Campise

Men's Right Hand 133-154:
Paul Campise, Dustin Callahan, Chris French, Mark Lane

Men's Right Hand 155-176:
Blake Higginbotham, Mark Brockman, Todd Patin, Rip Kirby

Men's Right Hand 177-198:
Jeff Tom Chesson, Joshua Plourde, Jeremiah Spell, Danny Brister

Men's Right Hand 199-242:
Jeff Tom Chesson, Pat Payton, Joe Speed, Shawn McDonald

Men's Right Hand 243+:
Harold Owens, Earnest Carrell


Men's Left & Right Hand Overall Champion: Harold Owens

Ladies Right Hand Overall Champion: Shelise Frugi



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