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World Armsport Federation

Subject: WAF Progress

Date: September 28, 2000


Dear WAF Members;

    Another fiscal year is coming to a close, which usually culminates with the grandest of tournaments, the WAF worlds. Unfortunately with the rift amongst our ranks, in the world of armwrestling, some of you will attended the tournament in Virginia and many of you will be attending the championship tournament in Finland. The priorities that we have discussed as a group over the last two years, I'm sure are the same as many individuals and countries.


    *     Reunification of all WAF countries. Speaking to many individuals from both     sides, our concerns are echoed, especially with many rifts appearing in countries where rival groups are seeking to each belong to one WAF group or the other. This causes more dissention and problems in our sport.

   *     Unification of the armwrestling groups within their own countries. The leaders of the countries in question have to realize that dissention is not the way to build our sport of armwrestling. Every country should be able to have as many armwrestling     organizations or clubs as they want, but all should be in agreement of one national championship, represented by one not for profit national armwrestling group. That way no club loses their individualism and yet the national body gains from the diversity all these groups represent, plus the best athletes of their country represent their country at the Worlds.

   *     Scaling down the weight classes that are now used in our championships. If we are to be recognized by the IOC as a legitimate sport, first all the above will have to be done.

Unification first and foremost but the weight classes have to be rearranged. We are proposing going to 8 men's classes from 12 and 6 women's classes from 8 in the open classes. The masters and disabled are still up for further discussion. This will be done atour Congress in Finland.

   *     A new and workable democratic constitution. In Japan last year a new constitution was introduced. All present reviewed and discussed all of the constitution, every point, some of which were changed again and formatted to fit what everyone wanted. It was then voted on and ratified. It is not a cumbersome document yet very comprehensive. If you wish to have a copy please just ask.

   *     Training of our minor officials and referees. This is of the utmost importance. Without properly trained officials and referees, our sport will not gain the credibility it deserves. In 1998 Worlds in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada, we introduced a referee clinic that is second to none. This program was developed over the years by the Canadian Armwrestling Federation (CAWF) and it has proven to be very successful. Some slight changes had to be implemented to accommodate the language problems we run across, but we take our time so that everyone learns from it. The minor officials are taught how to do the draw sheets and weigh-ins as well as the basics of running a successful tournament. This same clinic will be offered at the Worlds in Finland.


            Our goal of re-unification is not just small talk. We are serious. We get many inquiries from so many countries about armwrestling. Our first priority is to keep the countries unified so as not to create any more rifts. This year we asked Mr. Mitsuo Endo of Japan to attend the tournament in Virginia Beach, USA and represent our interests. The concessions that have to be made are small in comparison to the size of some of the egos that will have to be swallowed for us to all be successful. Still, we remain very optimistic that this will happen. Positive changes are happening in our sport that will change the direction that we are heading. I'm looking forward to seeing many of you in Finland and to those who will not be there, I wish a very cheery hello and the best of luck in all your future endeavors.

Yours in armwrestling

Fred Roy

Interim President WAF



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