Armwrestling Championship

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April 17, 1999

Novice Right 0-154: Rod Lumbardo, OH./ Robert Wilson,Greenville,Pa./ Hobart VanBuren, N.Y.
Novice Right 155-176: Robert Binnion, N.Y./ Jamie Hunter, W.V./ Joe McCloskey, Homer City,Pa.
Novice Right 177-198: Eddie Gonzalez, MD./ Dan Metz, N.Y./ Ryan Mills, Pitsburgh, Pa.
Novice Right 199+: Casey Spzaraga, FL./ John Thornes, VA./ Brett Montana, Clarion, Pa.
Mens Left 0-154: Gene Dunn, OH./John Whittacker, N.Y./ Ralph Smith, N.Y.
Mens Left 155-176: Joe Finnerty, Johnstown, Pa./ Jerry Cole, MD./ Mike O’Hara, OH.
Mens Left 177-198:Eric Ruperto,OH./Mike O’Hara, OH./Sean Montgomery,W.V.
Mens Left 199+:Daniel Perez,OH./Bob Allen, W.V./ Doug Shorp, Warren, Pa.Ladies Right 122-143:Michelle Tempulski,Hookstown,Pa./B.J. Phillips, Pa.
Ladies Right 144+: Sherry Watson, OH./ Melanie Mills, Pittsburgh
Mens Right 0-132: Benjie Dwyer, N.Y./ Tim Clark, Lancaster, Pa.
Mens Right 133-154:Greg Waits,OH./ Gene Dunn, OH./ John Whittacker, N.Y.
Mens Right 155-176:Jerry Cole, MD./ Bucky Keller, OH./ Steve Black, N.Y.
Mens Right 177-198: Bryon Royer, Lewistown, Pa./ Mike O’Hara, OH./ Christopher Myers, N.Y.
Mens Right 199-242: Mike Bosse,Canada/Mike Bowling,OH/ Bill Bellew, OH.
Mens Right 243+: Mike Bowling, OH./ Steve Walker, N.J./ Mark Voit, Oil City, Pa.

Mens Right Hand Overall Champion: Jerry Cole, Silver Springs, MD.

Mens Left Hand Overall Champion: Gene Dunn, Bowerston, OH.

Ladies Right Hand Overall Champion: Sherry Watson, Akron, OH.

Best Sportsman Award: Jimmy Aiello, Bristol, Pa.



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