1999 Western Pennsylvania Armwrestling Challenge
Gisella & Enzo’s, Clarion, Pa.


Men's Novice Right 0-154:
Brian Siska, Mike Albaugh, Bob Wilson, Randy Nelson

Men's Novice Right Hand 155-176:
Bill Davis, Calvin Brown, Ron Painter, Mike McClelland

Men's Novice Right Hand 177-198:
Bob McClimas, Tony Schillaci, Todd Pennington, Saul

Men's Novice Right Hand 199+:
Kevin Schneider, Andy Wolbert, Keith Mariacher, Chris Kowach

Men's Left Hand 0-154:
Gene Dunn, Aaron Siska, Remigijus Gorys, Randy Nelson

Men's Left Hand 155-176:
Rick Soliwoda, Joe Finnerty, Calvin Brown, Glen Mills

Men's Left Hand 177-198:
Steve Clark, Rich Martinez, John Meyer, Robert Stanger

Men's Left Hand 199+:
Jim Walkiewicz, Jim Wagner, Dan Perez, Kevin Schneider

Ladies Right Hand 0-121:
Mary Archer, Christy Teeter

Ladies Right Hand 122-143:
Connie Nelson, Mary Archer, Gina Clemens, Christy Teeter

Ladies Right Hand 144+:
Melanie Mills, Sherry Swartz, Andrea Boggio, Bobbie Hart

Men's Right Hand 0-132:
Ed Adkins

Men's Right Hand 133-154:
Gene Dunn, Aaron Siska, Rod Lumbardo, Bob Wilson

Men's Right Hand 155-176:
Rick Soliwoda, Rick Hughes, Glen Mills, Calvin Brown

Men's Right Hand 177-198:
Mike Ondrovic, Byron Royer, John Meyer, Robert Stanger

Men's Right Hand 199-242:
Mike Bosse, Doug Parks, Cory Mariacher, George Boggio

Men's Right Hand 243:
Jim Walkiewicz, Kevin Schneider, Carl Ronto, Lance Schmidt


Men's Right Hand Overall Champion: Mike Ondrovic

Men's Left Hand Overall Champion: Jim Walkewicz

Ladies Right Hand Overall Champion: Melanie Mills

Best Sportsman Award: Saulius Rakauskas



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