Meet “Smeers Captain of Crush Jean-Michel”

Jean-Michael with Craig Saunders and Petra Spatz


  1. How long have you been arm wrestling?

I started to train with cable for arm wrestling movement in august 1993, my programs were noticed in a “Workout book” and the performs were established on graphics to see the evolution of the strength and speed. I already began musculation before this.14 months after (October 1994), I participated at the Belgian championship near Mons. For my first tournament, my forearms were at 39 cm. I have been second in 80kg weight class. In the eliminatory, I remember I had won against a guy doing the technique like “ Lincoln Hawk against Harry Bosco”…Do you remember this in…Over the Top movie??

  1. How did you get started?

Over the Top movie with Sylvester Stallone, of course, has called out to me. The thing I loved the most has been the mental of “Lincoln Hawk”. The mental is not only for armwrestling; I think it has helped me for studies and of course, for the sports.

  1. What have you done since then?

Since then, I haven’t really worked on the technique; it is a big weak point. I have been elaborating exercises and a lot of training programs on focus strength. For instance, I’m looking at my “Workout book” with a lot of nostalgia because, I began it 9 years ago, I see that I have curled 10.000 curls EZ, in 40 sessions, 3 sessions by week, between 200 to 300 curls by session. It was from September 1995 to 8 December 1995. Over training, you are going to tell me?? Not at all, I reply!!! The 1,038,472 lbs curled in 40 sessions have permitted me to do curls of 123 lbs to 157 lbs. We amuse like we can.    

  1. What exactly have you won all over the world?

I haven’t traveled too much internationally because of studies and my fear of planes, yes, I confess. 

The most important results are: 

1st International tournament in Geldrop, - 80kg (Holland, 1996)

6th European Armwrestling championship, - 85kg (Slovakia,1997)

4th Over the Top, -100kg (Germany, 2001)

7th World Armwrestling championship, -90kg (Poland, 2001)

2nd Challenge international Rochefort, OPEN (2002)

Also, David Horne, Master of grip and armwrestler, has certificated me as Captain of Crush for IronMind Enterprises, Inc. I’m the 57th Captain of Crush on the list, after, …for example, Manfred Hoeberl, Magnus Samuelsson, David Horne and of course Joe Kinney!!!

 I enormously thank Mr. Devoto, because, it has been on his site I saw the best grippers in the world 3 years ago, namely the Captains of Crush grippers.

  1. Armwrestling workouts?

I only armwrestle to the competition because I’m alone like many armwrestlers in the world. Am I an armwrestler? Good question! My only device is to work strength. For many years, I have been searching the best trainings, and now I think to have found a working key. All my exercises are very well chosen and specialized. When I train, I think of my future opponents. Armwrestling would not be my specialty but specialized exercises on focus armwrestling would be it. 

  1. Recommendations for new armwrestlers

Understand armwrestling, find your technique at the table, then, ask yourself about the muscles which are working, then, work them very specifically. Do not be afraid to gather information. Never lose heart, that’s the hardest thing in armwrestling, I really can bear witness to that.

The result? Winning option! 

And if you have the chance to be close to the real technicians or/and to armwrestle on a regularly basis, it is greater again!

Editor:  Thank you Jean-Michel Smeers!     Captain of Crush!  Verified in  IronMind Volume 12/ 2003 



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