Meet Jerome Moore
Note the World's Wristwrestling Championship logo tattoo by his right thumb

Where are you from?

Beaver, Ohio.  I lived in Illinois for a few years.

 How long have you been armwrestling?

 I've been involved in Arm wrestling since January 1991. I was 14 yrs old.

 How did you get started? 

The first time I armwrestled was against an industrial arts instructor in school. He had an armwrestling table at the school and I was armwrestling other kids in my class. I was only getting pinned by the heavy weight guys. The instructor gave me my first tournament flyer and I went to the tournament.  I've been addicted to armwrestling ever since then.

What happened next?

At this arm wrestling championship, Ohio State, I lost 2 matches and I was out of the competition. I decided then that I wanted to be good at this sport of armwrestling. At my second tournament, I saw Mike O'Hara pull like five different weight classes. He won about 4 classes. He ended up leaving the tournament with five trophies. He was my first armwrestling inspiration.  

What have you done since then?

After pulling for years, I finally won my first tournament in October of 1994. Finally when I moved to Illinois of August of 1996, I started to compete more and getting more experience by winning state championships. I got introduced to the World’s Wristwrestling Championship (armwrestling) in Petaluma and the World National Wristwrestling Association.  

Well what exactly have you won all over the world?

As far as all of the tournaments that I’ve won all over the world, here a few of the important ones:


World Titles:

1999-2000 Petaluma World’s Wristwrestling Championship 132 Right Hand Pro  

2000 Petaluma 132 Left Hand Pro Champion

1999 Petaluma 154 Novice Left Champion

1998,1999, 2000 World National Wristwrestling 132 Right and Left Champion


National Titles:

2001 AAA National 132 Right Champion

1999 WNWA 132 Right and Left Champion

1999 WNWA 143 Right Champion

1997 Yukon Jack 150 Amateur National Champion


State Championships:

(right and left wristwrestling and armwrestling)

Ohio state 7
West Virginia 2 
Illinois 9
Iowa 7
Indiana 4 
Nebraska 2

Who do you workout with and what do you do?

Myself and 5 others armwrestle for 2 to 3 hours, Barry Hurst, Shannon Blanton, James Ridgedell, Todd Jackson and Luke Southworth. Then I workout with weights about 2 hours.  I do that once a week.

Any armwrestling Idols?

Well my idols in the sport are John Brzenk, Tony Villa, and Mike O'Hara. Tony, to me, is the best left handed armwrestler of all time. Tony Villa is also a very good friend of mine. Mike O'Hara has more endurance than anybody I know of.  He is the 2nd best left handed armwrestler of all time. (Of course that's pound for pound) But I try to be like John Brzenk in every way. Style, conduct and an all round great puller.

Goals in Life?

1. To be the best father I can to my son Brent and to raise the greatest armwrestler of all time (that's if he wants to).

2. To keep pulling at least another 2O years, just to see where it takes me!

Thank you Jerome.

Dave Devoto



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