Photo by Andrey Chepakin

Meet Julia Merkulova

Story by Vasiliy Kuznetsov and Tatiana Sergeeva

Q. Julia, you have won silver and golden medals at your first World Championship. Did you hope yourself of so magnificent performance?

A. At least I was very serious about it and was preparing thoroughly. And at the end my victory at the World Championship was easier than the first place at selecting Russian Championship in Chelyabinsk.

Q. You want to say that there was not enough resistance in Rovaniemi.

A. Yes. I won all duels on right hand with a great confidence. And the final duel against Elen Yohansen was the fastest at the Championship. To say honestly, I didnt expect such a big success from myself. When you get out and see your opponents they look so strong that bad thoughts appear in your head. But after you take opponents arm firmly and look in her eyes with a great confidence you feel her worry. Fear. I think I could defeat the opponents with my confidence.

Q. But did you feel fear too, as it was your first World Championship?

A. Especially when I was getting out at my first duel. I was going downstairs and I felt my legs trembling. I thought then if somebody saw it he would laugh a lot. Thereto my first duel was against the local sportswoman who was encouraged by fans.

Q. The Championship took place in the capital of Lapland. Is armwrestling actually popular in the native country of Santa-Clause?

A. Yes. We wrestled in the local concert hall one of the largest buildings in this little town. And if at the beginning of Championship there were few spectators then at the finals the audience became more numerous.

Q. Whom would you like to wrestle with?

A. With American Champion of the World Karen Cooley. Karen Im ready to meet with you right now!

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1995-2000 St. Petersburg Armwrestling Championship, six time champion
1995 Russian Armwrestling junior Championship (Moscow), 1st place right hand 48 kg
1996 Russian Armwrestling junior Championship (St. Petersburg), 1st place right hand 48 kg
1996 European Armwrestling junior Championship (Bulgarian), 2nd place 48 kg
1996 Russian Armwrestling Championship (Chelyabinsk), 2nd place right hand 45 kg
2000 Russian Armwrestling Championship (Chelyabinsk), 2nd place right hand 45 kg
2000 WAF World Armwrestling Championship (Finland), 1st place right hand 45 kg and 2nd left hand 50 kg



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