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Prior to the death of Bill Soberanes, Bill Collins was elected to the board of the World's Wristwrestling Championship, Inc.  He then filled Bill Soberanes position on the board of United States ArmSports.  Here is his story.

Bill Collins was born in San Jose and later moved to Los Banos California. There are a total of six in his family, four sisters and one brother, with Bill being the second to the youngest. When Bill was 16 years of age his father passed away at the age of 47 leaving a void in the family. During those difficult times only he, his younger sister and mother lived at home. Bill and his mother became very close, as she could not work due to an injury.  Bill cooked graveyard shift in a restaurant and worked at a tire shop after school for three years to help pay the household bills. Bill was unable to participate in sports due to his responsibilities at home and missed out on school activities but learned something much more valuable than playing sports at school. He learned the values of family ties.

  Bill met Ginger during his junior year in High School.  Shortly after graduation the wedding bells rang at the early age of 19.  Bill and Ginger now have two great kids, Chris 20 years old and Casey 15 years old.  During their years of growing together their biggest tragedy occurred! Due to surgery complications Bill’s mother passed away, the best friend and closest, best-hearted person whom walked on earth, left their lives.

 Bill’s education led him into marketing and business administration where he worked seven years as a purchasing manager for a hardware firm. Bill and Ginger soon became entrepreneurs purchasing a Dairy and Refrigeration company and then starting a rental business.  An opportunity presented itself and they acquired a Helicopter and then leased it back to a flying school. As time passed and life became more demanding they decided to liquidate and sell two of their businesses.
  Bill is now employed with the State of California Department of Water Resources as a Health and Safety supervisor and a supervisor for the Department of Water Resources dive team. 

Bill started armwrestling in 1979 after 155-pounder, (OB O’Brien) pounded him on the table. Bill couldn’t believe someone 45 pounds lighter than himself kicked butt so easily.  After 1½ years of getting crushed, Bill and OB started to train and created a technique that worked for Bill. The only vacations that Bill and Ginger took were armwrestling tournaments. The only tournaments that he was aware of occurred at fairs and Bill had no idea of the level and the integrity of the sport. Bill won the qualifier for “Over the Top” and traveled to Las Vegas.  This was one of the highlights of his armwrestling career. After two days of non-stop armwrestling he finishing 5th in his weight class. Bill met the best of the best and started to venture out.  At the same time he started to referee different tournaments and help promote the sport. Bill won many titles, qualifiers and the World’s (Petaluma) in 93 & 95, & the World’s NAWA 96.  One of his most memorable events was traveling to Moscow as a United States ArmSports  team member.  After dislocating his thumb the first pull it became an exciting adventure when he brought back the "Golden Bear", winning his weight class.  "It was an experience seeing Denise act as a mother for 30 armwrestlers and having Leonard as my coach."  Bill had the honor of meeting Russian President Boris Yeltson in Moscow.  This and having armwrestling friends around the world was very exciting.
It was by far the best experience an armwrestler can ever imagine. Upon return to the United States he soon signed a contract with OTS staring in a training video, and semi-retired in 96. He soon became active in Karate tournaments and found out real fast that armwrestling pain wasn’t as bad as Karate after a tournament.

 Bill tells us that “After promoting armwrestling for several years ArmWorld Promotions was born in 2000”.  ArmWorld Promotions is not interested in quantity just quality. We’ll bring the armsport world to you! I want to thank Denise and Leonard for being instrumental in this sport and giving me the experience of a lifetime.  I want to thank Dave Devoto for keeping the integrity of the sport alive and being one of the most respected persons that I know in the armwrestling world and all the armwrestlers whom have become my good friends and supporters.  Thanks to ArmWorld Promotions’ staff for all the hard work and being available for all our events. And most of all my wife Ginger, for putting up with all my adventures the past 22 years. Ginger is my biggest supporter, my biggest fan, and my best friend. Oh, we do now have real vacations besides armwrestling tournaments.



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