Meet Travis Bagent
(Cobra on left)


Travis Bagent
Age 26,  Date of Birth – 10-03-1976.
Born in Charles Town, WV
Father -  Jerry Boyd (Former Armwrestler 1965 - 1978)
Mother – Linda Bagent


Hi Travis, how long have you been armwrestling?

I’ve been pulling for 7 years now, first event was in PA 1997. I lost to everyone!!!

 How did you get started?

My fathers name and reputation as being a strongman, armwrestler in our area influenced me to begin armwrestling at an early age. 15yrs old... My family as been involved in the bar – nightclub business my entire life, my fathers most prize accomplishment opened in 1990 “The Big Arm Bar & Grill” the so-called armwrestling Capital of West Virginia.  From the ages of 15 till 19 I spent my weekends cleaning, bar-backing, and of course armwrestling. Some early armwrestlers I would see at the Big Arm were, Les Whims, Jr. Hostler, Ray Patton, Bob Lear, Arthur Ebling, Jeff Smott.  Needless to say my arm stayed pretty sore till Thursday of the following week.

 How have you been doing in the actual competitions?

Since 2000 I have accumulated 9 National Title Rt & Lt combined. 5 AAA ranging from 1999 till 2003. 4 USA from the past 2 years. I competed in my first and only world championship in 1999 in 220lb class were I finished 3rd LT and 4th RT.

 Tell us about your training.

I choose to weight train instead of weekly armwrestling practice. I’d tell you my secret but would have to kill you afterwards......

 What advice would you give new pullers?

My recommendations to new armwrestlers would be to get strong first then learn to armwrestle.  You can only trick people for so long, to reach the top you need power...



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