New Jersey Strong Arm Challenge Results

Men’s Right Hand Open

0-154  1st. Michael Clarke. 2nd. Ralph Smith. 3rd. James Aiello. 4th. Darrell Tilson

155-176  1st. John Whittaker. 2nd. Chris marks. 3rd. Marc Orapallo. 4th. 4th. Frank Malis

177-198  1st. Travis Bagent. 2nd. Mike Ondrovic. 3rd. Allen Stilkey. 4th. David Brien

199-UP  1st. Jerry Cadorette. 2nd. Dave marrocco. 3rd. Steve Walker. 4th. Garrett Stepsis

 Men’s Right Hand Novice

0-154  1st. Darrell Tilson. 2nd. Joseph Nedhin. 3rd. Matt lemma.

155-176  1st. Mark Tillson. 2nd. Tony Kaiser. 3rd. Mark Wilhide. 4th. Mark Strohn

177-198  1st. Ed Gonsalves. 2nd. Charles Soileau. 3rd. Tom Imperato

199-UP  1st. Charles Cuffley. 2nd. Tom Conroy

 Men’s left Hand

0-176  1st. John Whittaker. 2nd. Michael Clarke. 3rd. Frank Malis. 4th. Ralph Smith

177-UP  1st. Travis Bagent. 2nd. Glen Jaeschke. 3rd. Allen Stilkey. 4th.Glenn Terracciano

  Women’s Open Right

0-132  1st. Connie Soucy. 2nd. Sherri Ellis. 3rd. Celine Brien

133-UP  1st. Diane Lemma. 2nd.Carole Morganti.



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