Dear Wrestlers,

 This year's North American Armwrestling Championship promises to be a great tournament with many competitors from the United States, Canada and Mexico. With over $5,000 in cash and prizes PLUS a Custom Champion Watch to all 1st place winners makes this event one of the best armwrestling tournaments in 2000. The prize money is paid IN CASH (no checks) the day of the tournament.  

It is being held at the Black Horse Saloon in Bend, Oregon. Bend is located about 150 miles southeast of Portland. Airline flights can be booked into either Redmond (15 miles away) or Portland. Our host hotel, the Shilo Suites Hotel does have an airport shuttle from the Redmond airport. The Black Horse Saloon is about a 5 minutes drive from the host hotel. The Shilo Suites Hotel is offering a great rate for all those in attendance, $69 for 1 or 2 persons. Please call (541) 389-9600 for reservations by 12/6/00 and tell them you are an armwrestler. 

There is prize money both right & left handed through 3rd place in all pro classes and the ladies right hand classes will receive 100% payback on the entry fee money collected in their classes. All classes will receive a watch for their 1st place winners plus there will be awards presented to 2nd and 3rd place also. The 1st 75 entries will receive a FREE TOURNAMENT T-SHIRT. (1 per wrestler). 

The officials at this year's event will be Fred Roy, WAF President and Canadian Armwrestling Head Referee and Leonard Harkless Head Referee for the USWA/USAA, WWC and USA. We are very proud to have Canada's assistance in presenting this tournament and are looking forward to some great representation form Canada.  We are expecting a large turnout of outstanding athletes from Oregon, Washington and California plus many others from the U.S. and Mexico. 

 This is a double elimination tournament using WAF Armwrestling rules. As the poster shows, there are weight classes for Amateurs, Masters, Grand Masters and Professionals, something for everyone. If you have any questions please feel free to call us at (406) 245-1560 or (406) 248-4508.

Presents the 2000 North American Armwrestling Championships

 Sanctioned by the North American Continental Armwrestling Federation &
        (WAF) World Armwrestling Federation

Held at the Black Horse Saloon 20565 Brinson Blvd., Bend, Oregon

Saturday, Dec.16th - 7 pm
Weigh-ins: Fri.12/15 -7 to 9pm OR Sat. 12/16- 5 to 6:30 pm
Weight Classes: Menís Pro Right: 0-154,155-176,177-198, 199-242, 243+.
Menís Pro Left Hand: 0-154, 155-176, 177-198, 199+.
Ladies Right Hand: 0-121, 122-143, 144+.
Masters & Grand Masters Right Hand: 0-165, 166-198, 199+
Menís Amateur Right & Left Hand: 0-154, 155-176, 177-198, 199+.
CASH PRIZES: Menís Pro Right Hand Classes: 1st-$200,2nd-$125,3rd-$50
Menís Pro Left Hand Classes: 1st-$150.00, 2nd - 75, 3rd - $25
Ladies Right Hand: 100% of ladies entry fees. 1st - 60%, 2nd - 40%
Awards 1st to 3rd place in all classes.
CUSTOM CHAMPION WATCH TO 1st PLACE IN ALL CLASSES. Double Elimination-FREE T-SHIRT TO 1st 75 ENTRIES-Entry Fee: $25, Amateur Masters & Grand Masters: $20.00 ***SPECIAL ROOM RATES:*** Hotel has airport shuttle from
Redmond. Shilo Suites Hotel - 3105 O B Riley Rd., Bend, Or. (5 minutes from the venue). $69 - 1 to 2 persons. Call (541) 389-9600 by 12/6/00 for reservations & tell them you are an armwrestler. Call (406) 248-4508 for more information.

 See you soon,
Denise Wattles




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