1999 Big Sky State Games

Commissioners- Leonard Harkless & Denise Wattles

Men's Novice Right 0-154: Tim Mayo, Columbus/ Ryan Rogge, Broadus
Men's Novice Right 155-176:Chris Phares, Big Timber/ Tim Mayo, Columbus/ Carter Hasselstrom, Sidney
Men's Novice Right 177-198: Matthew Roberts, Billings/ Dom Tumlin, Belgrade
Men's Novice Right. 199+: Shawn Goulet, Blgs /Brant Pierson, Deer Lodge/Travis Grotz, Blgs/Joe Forsch, Blgs

Ladies Right 122-143:Kelly Fjell, Billings/Meredith Von Holdt, Billings/Nicole Cook, Billings
Ladies Right 144+: Michelle Mantz, Bozeman/ Meredith Von Holdt, Billings

Men's Left 0-132:Matt Hutzenbiler, Billings/ Mark McArthur, Butte/ Ryan Rogge, Broadus
Men's Left 133-154: Jason Bolejack, Billings/ Tracy Bray, Billings/ Steve Myers, Big Timber
Men's Left 155-176:Brent Rogge, M.C./ Doug Garland, Butte/ Stanley Barr, Blgs./ Gary Lunceford, Helena
Men's Left 177-198: Shane Weinreis, Laurel/Matthew Roberts, Billings/ Dom Tumlin, Belgrade
Men's Left 199-242: Trenton Meyer, Billings/Shane Weinreis, Laurel/ Shane Salminen, Billings
Men's Left 243+: Trenton Meyer, Billings/Gordon Pierson, Deer Lodge/ Shane Weinreis, Laurel


Men's Right 0-132: Matt Hitzenbiler, Billings/ Mark McArthur, Billings
Men's Right 133-154: Tracy Bray, Laurel/ Josh Wright, Billings/ Jason Bolejack, Billings
Men's Right 155-176:Brent Rogge, Miles City/Joe Shafer, Deer Lodge/Doug Garland, Butte/Chad Muus, Blgs
Men's Right 177-198:Shane Weinreis, Laurel/ Corey Cortez, Butte
Men's Right 199-242:Trenton Meyer, Blgs/Shane Weinreis, Laurel/Corey Cortez, Butte/Shane Salminen, Blgs
Men's Right 243+:Trenton Meyer, Blgs/Gordon Pierson, Deer Lodge/Brad Schulz, Billings/Joe Forsch, Blgs

Men's Right & Left Hand Overall Champion: Trenton Meyer, Billings Ladies Right Hand Overall Champion: Kelly Fjell, Billings

The State Games in Oregon and Montana were great successes with many new competitors to the sport. The dedication of the wrestlers to travel to these tournaments made the tournaments very exciting and the sponsors of the events were pleased with the professionalism of the commissioners and referees. All the athletes were impressed with the medals they won and the T-shirt they received just for entering. The USWA/USAA has State Games scheduled in more than a dozen states for the year 2000 and it is a great step forward for the recognition of
ArmSports in the Olympics. With the help of USWA/USAA representatives in each of the states these events will be great exposure for the sport and the winners in each division will be awarded custom Olympic style medals 1st to 3rd place. If you would like to know when and where the state games are scheduled in your state you can give Leonard Harkless or Denise Wattles a call at (406) 245-1560 or (406) 248-4508.



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