Maryland State Armwrestling Championship

Men's Novice Left (0-187): 1st- Gary Kessler, 2nd- Jack Dietterick, 3rd- Shawn Byrum.

Men's Novice Left (187-over): 1st- Shawn Turner, 2nd- Charles Fisk, 3rd- Trevor Holmes.


Men's Novice Right (0-165): 1st-Jacob Godfrey, 2nd-Brad Hays.

Men's Novice Right (165-198): 1st-Jesse Holland, 2nd- Gary Kessler, 3rd- Matt Coley.

Men's Novice Right (198-242): 1st-Brian Dolch, 2nd- Donovan Willis, 3rd- Chad Eckert.

Men's Novice Right (242-over): 1st-James Killian, 2nd- Trevor Holmes, 3rd-Dale Moran.

Men's Open Left (0-165): 1st-Jesse Vieira, 2nd- Jim Aiello, 3rd- Les Whims.

Men's Open Left (165-198): 1st-Alper Cosar, 2nd-Steve Shoemaker, 3rd-Hank Meadows.

Men's Open Left (198-over): 1st-Marcio Barboza, 2nd- George Stanton, 3rd- Cuff Cuffley.

Women's Open Right (0-154): 1st- Christina Byrum, 2nd- Jenna Eichen.

Women's Open Right (154-over): 1st-Deb McNeil, 2nd- Shannon Cuffley, 3rd- Cynthia Winnings.

Men's Open Right (0-154): 1st-Les Whims, 2nd- Milt Christmas, 3rd- Jim Aiello.

Men's Open Right (154-176): 1st-Bill Maenza, 2nd- Leoni Wertheim, 3rd- Jesse Vieira.

Men's Open Right (176-198): 1st-Alper Cosar, 2nd- Hank Meadows, 3rd-Steve Shoemaker.

Men's Open Right (198-220): 1st-George Stanton, 2nd- Allen Stilkey, 3rd- Charles Fisk.

Men's Open Right (220-242): 1st-Marcio Barboza, 2nd- Juan Hughes, 3rd- Cuff Cuffley.

Men's Open Right (242-over): 1st-Marcio Barboza, 2nd- Kevin Schneider, 3rd- Shawn Turner.

Men's Overall Right ( 0-198): 1st-Bill Maenza, 2nd- Alper Cosar, 3rd- Hank Meadows.

Men's Overall Right (198-over): 1st- Marcio Barboza, 2nd- Allen Stilkey, 3rd- Kevin Schneider.

Maryland Armwrestler of the Year-(2002): Les Whims.



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