1st Annual Law Enforcement & Firefighter
World Armwrestling Championship

Sky Ute Casino - Ignacio, Colorado - August 8 & 9, 2003

Open Tournament Friday Aug. 8th:

Menís Left 0-154: Chris Rapp/ Dustin Teague

Menís Left 155-176: Keith Powers

Menís Left 177+: Dean Sain/ Jeff Ames/ Keith Powers/ Matthew Crenshaw

Menís Right 0-154: Eric Andosola/ Dustin Teague/ Brent Morse/ Chris Rapp

Menís Right 155-176: Keith Powers/ Chris Boyd/ Victor Garcia/ Johnathan Marten

Menís Right 177-198: Dean Sain/ Mike Kelly/ Justin Woodin/ David Armstrong

Menís Right 199+: Dean Sain/ Jeff Ames/ Travis Berggren/ Travis McCoy

Menís Right & Left Hand Overall Champion: Dean Sain

Law Enforcement & Firefighter Championship Aug. 9th:

Menís Right 0-176: Jarod Cash, ID/ Logan Miclette, CT

Menís Right 177-198: Tom Mackie, IL/ Kayne Hemsing, Canada/ Troy Easton,UT/ Kevin Simmons,LA

Menís Right 199-242: Chuck Kendricks,NV/ Charles Hamby,CO/ Cuff Cuffley, ,MD

Menís Right 243+: Charles Hamby, CO/ Tim Davis, NY/ Billy Stump, CO

Menís Left 0-1766: Logan Miclette, CT/ Jarod Cash, ID

Menís Left 177-198: Kevin Simmons, LA/ Kayne Hemsing, Canada/ Troy Tiegs, FL

Menís Left 199-242: Chuck Kendricks, NV/ Cuff Cuffley, MD/ Troy Tiegs, FL

Menís Left 243+: Chuck Kendricks, NV/ Tim Davis, NY

Masters Right 0-198: Tom Mackie, IL/ David Griggs, CO

Masters Right 199+: Chuck Kendricks, NV/ Tim Davis, NY

Ladies right Hand Open: Tina Beekman, CO

Farthest Traveled Competitor: Troy Tiegs, FL



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