Lumber Jack Armwrestling Festival
 in Wolverine, MI June 21, 2003

Menís 154 right
1st Tony Laduke
2nd Clint Alen
3rd Coby Storms

Menís Right 171
1st Ben White
2nd Scott Hazelwood
3rd Alexis Harrison

Menís right 209
1st Nick Roberts
2nd Ben Buckner
3rd Josh Hubbard

1st Mike Clark
2nd Dan White

Menís Left 154
1st Tony Laduke
2nd Clint Alen
3rd Chad Sherman

Menís left 189
1st Ben White
2nd Alexis Harrison
3rd Scott Hazlewood

Menís open left
1st Mike Clark
2nd Darren Owens.

Women Right
1st Jessica
2nd Marion Swafford

Women Left
1st Rachel Laduke
2nd Liz Piippo



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