Kumite Classic Armwrestling held April 26, 2003 in Greensburg, Pa.
Sanctioned by the Pennsylvania Armwrestling Association
Member of United States Armsports

Men's Right

145lb- 1.Ed Adkins 2.Billy Franklin 3.Dan Hilliard 4. Boomer Reagan
165lb- 1.Bryan Thomas 2.Mike Knepp 3.Leoni Wertheim 4. Willie Reagan
185lb- 1.Mark Thomas 2.Waylon Garza 3.Gary Kessler 4. Leoni Wertheim
210lb- 1.Rob Zeigler 2.David George 3.Dom Medure 4. Glen Mills
Heavy- 1.Jim Gashler 2.Sean Molyneaux 3.Gary Tocholski 4. Tom Dietsche

Men's Left

145lb- 1.Dan Hilliard 2.Jeremy Mills 3.Boomer Reagan 4.Joe Thorton
165lb- 1.Bryan Thomas 2.Willie Reagan 3.Mike Knepp 4.Lance Clemon
185lb- 1.Mark Thomas 2.Gary Kessler 3.Waylon Garza 4.Jim Ingledue
210lb- 1.David George 2.Dom Medure 3.Glen Mills 4.RobZeigler
Heavy- 1.Jim Gashler 2.Sean Molyneaux 3.Gary Tocholski 4.Tom Dietsche

Women's Right

1. Bobby Hart 2.Darlene Ingledue 3.Sue Dawson 4,Samantha Hart

Women's Left

1. Bobby Hart 2.Sue Dawson 3.Darlene Ingledue 4.Samantha Hart

Youth Division

Girls- 1.Kristin Reagan 2. Brittney Hilliard
11-13  1.Ted Ingledue 2.Cris Plahs 3.Jeremy Kessler 4.Steve Kessler
14-17 (Lightweight)  1.Bill Franklin 2.Boomer Reagan
14-17 (Middleweight) 1.Justin Phillips 2.Shawn Mills

Tournament Director: Bill Viola

Tournament Co-ordinator: Bob Stanger

Referees: Randy Nelson, Dan Ogden, John Meyers



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