Update on Kathy Hughes

I just wanted to update you on Kathy's condition. She is recovering nicely
at home now and is doing better every day. It's still going slowly, but she
is walking, talking and eating just about like her old self. She is still a
little weak and needs more time to gain her strength back. She plans to be
back armwrestling ASAP.

We would both like to thank everyone who sent in a card. She really enjoys
getting them!

Steve Hughes

Kathy Hughes
P.O. Box 111
Gridley, CA 95948



Steve Hughes sent us the following information on Kathy

Kathy hadn't been feeling well for several months and when she finally
got a CAT scan a little over a week ago, it was found that she a tumor
pressing against her brain. She had surgery on Friday, July 11 and the
tumor was found to be benign (thank God!). It looks like she should make a
full recovery. She is currently in the hospital but we expect her to be
released within a few days for home recuperation.

She was the winner of Petaluma Ladies 144+ division in 2002
and was with the team USA in Japan in 2000. She has been involved in the
armwrestling scene for over 20 years.

She asked me to contact  the armwrestling community to let them know
about her condition.

 If anyone would like send a card or otherwise
contact her, mail can be sent to:

Kathy Hughes
P.O. Box 111
Gridley, CA 95948


Thank you,

Steve Hughes



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