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Here is an article on Jason Vale ....Jason is awaiting sentencing on October 24, 2003 and is filing an appeal. He can receive letters, money orders, books and cards only at this address: Jason Vale (ID #09073-067, Brooklyn Metropolitan Detention Center, P. O. Box 329002, Brooklyn, NY 11232

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 Back to United States Health Regulatory History. Jon Rappoport Monday June 21st 2003 JULY 21. First a quick note about my three hours on the Coast to Coast AM radio show last Monday night. The show was replayed Saturday night. Iíve received many emails. Thank you.

World arm-wrestling champ Jason Vale is on trial in New York. His major crime seems to be: he cured himself of cancer by eating apricot kernels. He has reported his story on the Internet, and has sold the kernels to thousands of people. He was raided by the FDA. His computers and kernels were taken. From what I can gather, the charges against him involve him making unapproved health claims and selling an unapproved medical treatment. In cases of this kind, the judge normally takes the position that the efficacy of the unapproved ďmedicineĒ is beside the point, and evidence citing successful cures is inadmissible. It only matters that FDA rules have been broken. In other words, if tomorrow I found an herb in a field that cured the world of cancer and said so, I would be a criminal. Makes sense, given the fact that the medical cartel and its government partners claim a monopoly on the concept/word CURE. Also makes sense because economic competition against high-priced drugs is a no-no. Also makes sense because the FDA has approved many chemo drugs for cancer, and these drugs kill people. Also makes sense because even mainstream researchers have pointed out that, for the overwhelming number of cancers, chemo is ineffective and toxic and does not improve quality of life. So naturally they would be coming down on Jason Vale. Apricot kernels contain Vitamin B-17 (aka Laetrile). Vale states that the governmentís case against him is not based on a complaint from any of his customers. Of course, Vale has the right to tell his personal story of a cancer cure. And people have the right to take any substance they want to, to heal themselves. So we come to the matter of possible deception and fraud. More than 100,000 people in the US die every year from the administration of pharmaceutical drugs (see my archive). These are drugs the FDA has approved, certifying they are safe and effective. Death does not seem to be a confirmation of the FDAís competence. Now, if the government wants to claim that the kernels are an overt poison, they can make their case that way. But, for decades, the FDA has been stumbling around trying to document people who have died from eating kernels---and they have only come up with a few questionable examples. However, studies published in peer-reviewed journals attest to the enormous overall toxicity of the panoply of approved FDA medicines. Ten years ago, I sat down with my notes on the toxicity of various drugs. I laid these notes end to end, and realized that I could reach one of two conclusions: I was looking at serial stupidity, repeated over and over again by pharmaceutical companies and the FDA, or I was looking at a plan, formed at very high levels, to poison and weaken and debilitate and kill the population. In my experience, endless serial stupidity always points to conscious intent (at a level far beyond the drones). Colleagues of mine who have researched medical drugs decline to reach that far. So be it. The Jason Vale case provides us with a clue. Who, in his right mind, would try to bar people from taking a substance which these same people then say has helped them, healed them, cured them? Or, to put it another way, can such a governing body (FDA) be said to be free from malicious intent? In truth, the real source of the malicious intent lies far above the FDA. If you want to weaken people and nations, if you want a world which is malleable and confused and toxified---for POLITICAL reasons---then you have the perfect Trojan Horse in the whole array of constantly hyped medical drugs. The scheme works. Well. Too well. It can easily be demonstrated that the potential toxicity of apricot kernels is FAR LESS than the current chemo drugs for cancer. Any idiot can establish that in a month. Perhaps you missed a recent major scandal in which it was revealed that cancer doctors have, for a long time, been prescribing AND SELLING chemo directly out of their offices. No pharmacies involved. The most toxic drugs in the world are stocked and sold right out of doctorsí offices to patients. Behind this whole madness is the buried positive principle: PEOPLE WHO ARE WILLING TO TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR THE OUTCOME HAVE THE RIGHT TO TREAT THEIR ILLNESSES IN ANY FASHION THEY CHOOSE. But the medical cartel wants to cast the public as ignorant and mindless and stupid. Needing guidance. Needing orders from on high. Jason Vale does not fit that mold. He stands out as a person who has taken his health into his own hands, and therefore he must be crushed---before other people begin to wake up too. The medical cartel wants to own all enforcement operations. Take this. Donít take that. Donít think that. Just do what we say. On the other hand, I happen to know some doctors in Beverly Hills who would be satisfied with a level playing field. They would set their own prices for treatment, and would go head to head against so-called alternative medicine. They are confident they will win. But they donít speak out in public. The government might come down hard on them. Patients might take up the challenge and compare A with B and actually make a choice. Choice is a no-no. Jason Vale is in the middle of a political trial. It is all about who has the power. Recent massive government cancellations of scores of nutritional supplements in Australia and England, and raids on alternative practitioners in Canada, are making the cartel position quite clear. You donít have a right to take care of your own body. Your body belongs to the state. You are a pawn. You may not choose. The medical cartel is betting that they can stop the health revolution in its tracks. Iím betting they are wrong. What are you betting? Jason Vale did a very good thing. He cured his own cancer. Then he spread the word. If the government wants him to place, in large letters, a message on his product that says: THESE KERNELS HAVE NOT BEEN APPROVED BY THE GOVERNMENT AS SAFE AND EFFECTIVE, that is one thing. But they donít want that. They want to put him out of business and fine him and perhaps send him to prison. You cured your cancer. Youíre a criminal. IGNORANCE IS STRENGTH. SLAVERY IS FREEDOM We are dealing with mind control here. The government and the medical cartel cannot make their naked position clear. They have to conceal it behind: WEíRE WORKING FOR YOU AND YOUR LOVED ONES. WEíRE GIVING YOU WHAT SCIENCE KNOWS IS BEST. WEíRE ON YOUR SIDE. WE CARE. Thatís the cover story. Behind that is: WE OWN YOU. Do they? In the field of alternative health and medicine, the critical mass has already been reached. The revolution has been spreading like wildfire. Now, the cartel wants to put the genie back in the bottle. That is going to take a lot of force. The Jason Vale trial is just one example. JON RAPPOPORT 



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