2003 Illinois State Open and Amateur
 Armwrestling Championships

Tournament Date: August 23, 2003
Held at Rocky Vanders in Prospect Heights, Il

Referees: Gray Graff, Jeff Stroud
Tournament Director: Greg Wilson

Menís Open 154 Right: 1st - Totraz; 2nd - Jack Sanders; 3rd - Tom Wilson

Menís Open 172 Right: 1st - Tony Kitowski; 2nd - Ronnie Ruzik; 3rd - Jeremy Hurst

Menís Open 209 Right: 1st - Steve Razor Ram; 2nd Sigitas Paliskis; 3rd - Scott Goloven

Menís Open 209+ Right: 1st - Jeff Bradley; 2nd - Craig Wirth; 3rd - Lee Bennett

Menís Open 172 Left: 1st - Tom Wilson; 2nd - Totraz; 3rd - Ronnie Ruzik

Menís Open 209 Left: 1st - Tony Villa; 2nd - Robert Pliska; 3rd - Jesse Weichark

Menís Open 209+ Left: 1st - Craig Wirth; 2nd - Lee Bennett; 3rd - Jeff Bradley

Ladies Open Right: 1st - Jidrone Trimakas; 2nd - Areli Yanushev; 3rd - Brittany (Rocky Vanders)

Menís Novice 154 Right: 1st - Peter Kapp; 2nd - Travis Barnes, 3rd - Jeremy Owens

Menís Novice 172 Right: 1st - Tony Kitowski; 2nd - roman Yanushev, 3rd - Jeremy Hurst

Menís Novice 209 Right: 1st - Robert Pliska; 2nd - Jesse Weichart; 3rd Ė Roman

Menís Novice 209+ Right: 1st - Arturas Lukaviskij; 2nd - Jeff Huber; 3rd - Randy Pliska

1st Place Open Classes $50/Championship Custom Plaque
2nd-3rd - Plaques for all amateurs and pros



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