Results of Greenville Armwrestling Challenge

 Sanctioned By Pennsylvania Armwrestling Association
(Member of US Armsports)

 May 17, 2003 
Sponsored by: Jerry and Karen's Family Restaurant
Tournament Director: Bob Stanger


Men's Right

150lb  1. Boomer Reagan  2.Shane Matejka  3. Waynes Ayers    4. Ted Ingledue
175lb  1. Jim Ingledue      2. Jim Davis         3. Jamma Gill          4. Jeff Quinn
200lb  1. Josh Slozat        2. Tom Bottle      3. Steve Brunnish   4. Lenny Gill
Heavy 1, Tom Bottle        2. James Ragland  3. Mike Grey     4. Dave McKain

Overall Right-hand Champion: Jim Ingledue

Men's Left

150lb  1.Shane Matejka  2. Mike Amarosa  3.Boomer Reagan    4. Wayne Ayers
175lb  1.Jim Ingledue     2.Dan Hillard  3.Jamma Gill  4.Jim Davis
200lb  1.Brad Campbell   2. Steve Brunish  3.Mark McClimans    4. Lenny Gill
Heavy 1. Jamrs Ragland  2. Brad Campbell  3.Mike Grey  4.Dave McKain

Overall Left-hand Champion: James Ragland



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