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Ecuador Armwrestling


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A few words from Oswaldo Ullauri

Unfortunately in this country Armwrestling has remained unpracticed professionally, even though this sport is well known and it is practiced as a challenging entertainment activity.

There has never been an Official Armwrestling Tournament in Ecuador, but in the past, few private contests were done in which I had got first places in my category. Now the history has changed...I am interested on to establish and to settle this outstanding sport in this country.  I believe this effort will become first step and will set the roots that will make Armwrestling one of the most popular sports in Ecuador.

With the comprehensive support of Alejandro Ullauri and my friends in distance Fred Roy (World Armwrestling Federation President), Dave Devoto (US ArmSports President), and Humberto Panzetti (South American ArmSports President), I am sure that Armwrestling in Ecuador as a Professional Sport will be a dream come true.

Ecuador Armwrestling

Oswaldo Ullauri M.




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