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December 1998

With the New Year approaching there seems to be a lot of confusion and a lot of disputes. With everyone claiming to be in charge there is a lot of work to be done. Some of the problem is in knowing whom to trust. People say there are with you and then go tell an other association they are with them. A lot of the problem seems to be with the new armwrestler who has not been around long enough to really know what has transpired in the past. They only know what someone tells them. Instead of asking around among armwrestlers that have been around for all that has happened in the past. You should not jump to conclusions or take anything for granted. Judge for your self what each federation has to offer and also that they will fulfill whatever they are promising to do for the sport of armwrestling. I can only speak for the IAF and USA at this time to be fair. I have been associated with these federations as well as the AAA.  My opinion of the AAA is just that, my opinion. I know that the IAF is open to all armwrestlers no matter what federation they might be affiliated with. We also post any AAA contest that are sent in to us in our newsletter, I know for a fact that the AAA won't do that. We have a web site that is open to all, no matter what federation they belong to, also they may leave messages or comments saying anything they feel like. You will have to join to view the entire site. There is no charge to join so give it a try. We have two chat rooms. An upcoming events page and a couple of good bookmarks linking to other sites. The IAF is affiliated, with the United States ArmSports (USA). This federation is an umbrella type association that offers representation for IAF armwrestlers in the United States. There are around 10 different associations involved in United States Armsports. USA runs one tournament a year, a Unified National Championship to qualify armwrestlers for the World Championships. You do not have to join USA in order to pull at their Unified National, it is open to all armwrestlers.

With the end of the year also comes the choice for Armwrestler Of The Year. This year's winners as voted by the members are Donn LaFlamme from Rhode Island and Priscilla Bean from New Hampshire. Both of these people go out of their way to support armwrestling. They are always willing to help in any way they can and they display a great sense of sportsmanship and fair play. This is truly the making of a tremendous asset for the sport. We would like to congratulate them and wish them the best. Each of them will receive a plaque at a later date with the announcement.

Also at this time we are happy to announce the results of the Point Championship.

1st. Jerry Cadorette. 2nd. Allen Stilkey. 3rd . Mary Gunnison. 4th . Greg Bednarz. 5th . Michael Gleason. 6th. Bruce Court. 7th. Donn LaFlamme. 8th. Tim Elliott. 9th. Will Hargrove. 10th. Norm Devio. We would like to congratulate all these armwrestlers and to thank them for their continued support of Armwrestling.

Bill Cox, President
International Armwrestling Federation
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