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Meet Carl and Karin Smith

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Carl is the President and Founder of the Austrian Armwrestling Congress

A most talented and accomplished man, Carl is a Classical musician, violist with the Graz Philharmonic Orchestra in Graz, Austria


Merton Carl Smith

Born October 9, 1957 in Binghamton, New York, USA

Legal citizen of Austria since 1978

Occupation: Classical musician – violist with the Graz Philharmonic
Orchestra in Graz, Austria

Sport: Powerlifting – 30 competitions

Competition balance: 17 x 1.Place – 10 x 2.Place

1991 Regional Champion – IPF

1990/92 National Champion – IPF

1993/95 USA Submasters Champion – APA

1996/97/99 European Champion – EPC

1997 World Cup Champion – WPC

World Submasters Record Holder – WPC

World Masters Record Holder – WP

1978 emigrated from USA to Graz, Austria

1979 Accident -  Fell out of 3rd story window. 8 skull fractures, ribs, elbow and hip fractures, brain stem hemorrhage, heart failure twice

1984 married an Austrian (Karin)

1984-86 coached American football teams in Graz

1986 began strength training

1987 first powerlifting competition

1989 lived in Durban, South Africa

1990 first IPF Austrian national title

1992 second national title - conflict with IPF-Austria -

resigned from IPF

1993 founded Austrian Powerlifting Congress (APC) as member of WPC

1994 APC competition organized in Austria - overwhelming success

1995 promoted Anglo-Austrian Cup in Graz

received international referee status

1997 promoted EPC European Championships in Graz

1998 complete rupture of both rotator cuffs – cannot continue

full powerlifting

1998 promoted WPC World Championships in Graz (most

successful World Championships in WPC history)

withdrew from the WPC

1999 founded the World Powerlifting Federation (WPF)

promoted EPC European Championships (1st WPF

international championships)

founded Austrian Armwrestling Congress – adopted

unanimously by EAF

Best lifts: Squat 380 kg

Bench Press 220 kg

Deadlift 340 kg

Total 922.5 kg

Personal data: 186 cm, 125 kg

Training method: Louie Simmons / Mike Mentzer

Personal influences: Tony Kamand (USA) / Brian

Smith (England)

Nutrition: healthy and regular meals with use of

supplements (manufacture some of own supplements)

use Rath’s vitamin program

Goals: attempt 400 kg squat again

strengthen powerlifting structures

Quotes: "Train your brain."

            "You don’t get older, you get better."

Current positions held: APC President

AAC President (Austrian Armwrestling Congress)

EPC General Secretary

WPF General Secretary



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